Captain Marvel 2 Director Announced | Nia DaCosta

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If you’ve been wanting some marvelous news, then you’re in for a real treat. It looks like Captain Marvel 2, the sequel to the amazing Captain Marvel movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has its director. Read on below for all the fantastic and exciting details…

Captain Marvel 2 Director Announced: Candyman's Nia DaCosta [Source: The Direct]
Captain Marvel 2 Director Announced: Candyman’s Nia DaCosta [Source: The Direct]

Captain Marvel 2 Director | Nia DaCosta

The latest major MCU announcement comes by way of the Captain Marvel 2 director status.

We now know that Captain Marvel 2 will be directed by Nia DaCosta.

She will be the fourth woman to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, as well as the first black woman to direct a film in the MCU.

Needless to say, this is incredibly exciting news.

Who Is Nia DaCosta?

Apart from being the director of Captain Marvel 2, who exactly is Nia DaCosta?

Well, for starters she directed the hotly anticipated new movie coming out, Candyman, which is sure to be a great watch.

Nia DaCosta, Director of Captain Marvel 2 (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage) [Source: Okayplayer.com]
Nia DaCosta, Director of Captain Marvel 2 (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage) [Source: Okayplayer.com]

She also helmed Little Woods as well, in addition to Candyman, and of course, the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 film.

The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, grossed $1.1 billion worldwide [in 2019], making it the highest-grossing female-led superhero movie and launching a new franchise for Marvel Studios just as several others reached their conclusions.”

If you haven’t seen the original Captain Marvel, you should flip over to Disney+ and check it out right away. It’s a fun ride from start to finish and Brie Larson is absolutely perfect as the title character of Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers).

Watch the trailer for the original Captain Marvel movie below.

Check back here for more details on Captain Marvel 2!

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