Disney Tinkerbell Intro: Real or Fake? Here’s the Truth (Mandela Effect!)

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Have you ever remembered something in a very specific way, only to find out that it never actually happened? Well, this strange mystery of human memory has found its way into the wonderful and wide world of Disney. How? In the form of a “Disney Tinkerbell intro”. People are reporting having a memory of Tinker Bell dotting the i on Disney VHS videotapes on home video cassettes of classic Walt Disney movies. But here’s the question… Did that ever really happen? Here’s the surprising truth behind this “Mandela Effect” conspiracy theory/mystery.

Google Image Search for "Tinkerbell Intro Video" Reveals a LOT of Theories [Source: Google Images]
Google Image Search for “Tinkerbell Intro Video” Reveals a LOT of Theories [Source: Google Images]

What Is the Disney Tinker Bell Intro Mystery?

So, what’s the deal with this weird mystery having to do with Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell character and the VHS Disney movie opening?

People all over the internet have talked about this one:

Honestly, there’s a lot going on with this one, but we’re going to stick to what’s most important first.

There’s 2 big things that you need to know…

  1. People are claiming to remember a version of the Disney VHS intro where Tinker Bell “dots the I” in the word “Disney”.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be any proof that this version actually exists, leading many people to believe that the Mandela Effect is happening.

Those are the basic facts of what’s going on with this Disney Tinker Bell intro video mystery.

Walt Disney’s Personal Plane, Abandoned History at Disney World

But, of course, there’s more to this.

Like, where is all this coming from in the first place?

And is it true, or is the Mandela Effect just playing tricks on our minds?

Let’s find out!

Mandela Effect or Real History? The 2 Most Likely Videos

So, is there a real Disney intro with Tinker Bell?

First, here are the 2 most likely videos that people are combining in their memory — if the Mandela Effect is happening and people are simply misremembering.

Alright, now…

There’s really only 2 things that can be the case here.

Either the people remembering the Disney Tinker Bell intro are right, or they are simply misremembering.

Those are the only two possibilities.

Walt Disney’s Personal Plane, Abandoned History at Disney World


Which one is it?

To find out, we need to look at all the available videos of the Disney opening that includes Tinker Bell.

If we can’t find one where she “dots the i”, then we probably have to conclude it doesn’t exist (at least not in this universe! 😉 ).

Every Disney Video Intro with Tinker Bell

If you want to see ALL the other Tinker Bell video intros from Disney…

Here is every available Disney Tinker Bell intro that we could find.

Still looks like the two mentioned above earlier are the most likely options for this particular memory, but when you combine all of them together you can see where something like the Disney Tinkerbell intro mystery might come from.

Walt Disney’s Personal Plane, Abandoned History at Disney World

Check these out and let us know what you think!

Conclusion: Real or Fake?

With all that evidence being taken into consideration, we now have to ask ourselves the main question:

Is the Disney Tinkerbell intro real or fake? Fake. Based on everything that we know, this never actually happened. Disney did not release a video intro where Tinker Bell "dots the i" on the word Disney. Instead, people are likely combining several memories into one.

This sort of thing happens all the time with our memories, in fact.

It’s one reason why eyewitness testimony is so tricky to deal with.

Humans often “rewrite” our memories what we think to be the truth!

It’s crazy, but it’s true.

Let us know what you think is the truth here or on social media!

Have a magical day!

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