Birnbaum’s 2020 Official Guide Book to Walt Disney World [Updated for 2020]

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Birnbaum’s 2020 Walt Disney World: The Official Guide is one of the essential guides to navigating Disney World for first-time guests. Visitors who have never been to the park before can easily become overwhelmed. The guidebook does a great job of detailing every aspect of the changing and growing theme park of Disney World.

If you decide to go it alone on your trip and not schedule through an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner/Specialist, then this book is definitely your best bet. Get a copy and you’ll be cruising along at #WDW in no time.

What Is Birnbaum’s 2020 Official Guide Book to Disney World?

Before this golden age of the Internet, when you can simply type in what you need and get the information, you needed to go out and buy a book that would guide you through your vacations. I can remember doing exactly this when I was growing up. We went out and got books for all the major trips we took when I was a kid (including Walt Disney World!), so we would know what to expect and how to make the most of our time.

If you are about to experience the magic of Disney World for the very first time, you will want to make sure to plan ahead. The park keeps growing and expanding and evolving. More rides, attractions, merchandise, and food than ever before. The Internet can help, but a trusty classic resource like Birnbaum’s in your backpack is often exactly what you need (especially if your cell phone battery dies while in the park – been there, done that!).

The newest edition (2020) of Birnbaum’s has comprehensive details of every attraction whether classic or brand new, each hotel and resort, and all the great places you can eat. Birnbaum’s also provides coupons for you to save money while you’re at the park, along with tips and tricks for making the most of your budget while on vacation.

Is Birnbaum’s Updated?

Yes. Birnbaum’s guide book has everything, whether it’s been in the park from day one or was installed last year. They make it their priority to keep you as informed as possible about the newest attractions, rides, food, merchandise, hotels, and more.

Like Toy Story Land! This new attraction is only at Walt Disney World. It gives park visitors the chance to feel what it would be like to be one of the toys in the backyard at Andy’s house in the Toy Story movie series.

And don’t forget about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! This attraction is now open at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. There’s been a lot of info released recently about these new areas of the park. If you’re looking for the definitive, go-to source for everything you need to know, look no further than Birnbaum’s.

If you need further encouragement, consider the fact that Disney itself recommends this book on their website. That’s pretty high praise.

Where Can I Get a Copy of Birnbaum’s 2020 Official Guide Book to Walt Disney World?

Right here! Just click the book image below and cruise on over to Amazon for checkout. The book currently has 4.8/5 stars after 255 ratings. That’s pretty stellar.

One reviewer of the 2020 version wrote:

I can’t say enough about this book. Great planning tool. Loaded with up to date information, great tips and photos. We’re planning a trip with my grandkids and even the 3 year old liked this book because of pictures. Added bonus: coupons! ❤️❤️❤️

Talk about a recommendation! If you’ve been buying the book for years, you’ll get all the nostalgia that it brings as well as the new information packed in with each yearly issue. This annual publication is an absolute must for Walt Disney World travelers – veterans or first-timers!

Another cool thing about Birnbaum’s 2020 Walt Disney World: The Official Guide is that they have a kids version too! This way your children get to have their very own official tour guidebook that they can use at the parks as they experience the rides and the Disney characters for the first time, as well as a book to cherish afterward for years to come. I know I held onto everything from that first Disney World trip myself. Those memories are truly priceless.

What is your favorite Walt Disney World resource? A book, website, app, crowd calendar, or annual passholder friend or family member? Let us know in the comments below!

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