Disney Announces New Short Circuit Animated Films for Disney+ (Coming Spring 2020)

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There has been a lot of great news for Disney fans this year. Truly, it is hard to think of a year in recent memory with more Disney fanfare (pun intended), and we’re only in May! Well, in keeping with the previous months, there’s even more to celebrate. Disney has accounted new animated, experimental short films coming to the Disney+ platform in the spring of 2020.

These brand new animated short films are a part of Short Circuit. This is a program that exists so any person working at Walt Disney Animation Studios can bring an idea to the table. What’s more, they might even be picked to produce their idea into an original, animated short with backing of the studio and their artistic peers at Disney!

What an awesome idea and a great opportunity for people at Walt Disney Animation Studios to get something of their own produced. It makes me wish I worked at Disney even more than I already do.

With all that mind, check out some of the details for three of these experimental shorts coming to the Disney+ streaming platform next year.

Exchange Student

Natalie Nourigat is behind this one. According to Oh My Disney, She “also worked on Ralph Breaks the Internet most recently, but launched her professional career drawing comics.” That interplay could make for a very fun animated short film.

Jing Hua (Flower in the Mirror)

Jerry Huynh will direct this film from Short Circuit. He works as a technical director at Disney Animation. He lent his talents to Moana and Ralph Breaks the Internet, so it seems likely his own work will be something special.

Just a Thought

Oh My Disney writes, “Just a Thought is a short inspired by those awkward pre-teen years we all went through, and the newspaper comics that director Brian Menz grew up loving.” They write that Menz also worked on BoltBig Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Zootopia, Moanaand Ralph Breaks the Internet. What a resume! Can’t wait to see what he produces with this one.

All the Short Circuit animated short films will be available to stream for subscribers on the Disney+ platform in early 2020! Check out the whole list of Disney+ titles here. Or watch some of the latest shorts that are already out here!

Have a magical day!

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