Where to Buy Disney Face Masks: Mickey, Toy Story, & More

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Have you been wanting to wear a face mask of your favorite Disney characters? Well, now you can. Today, we’ve got some exciting news from Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and more. 

UPDATE: Use code FREESHIP for free shipping on your mask on June 2, 2020.
Where to Buy Disney Cloth Face Masks: Mickey, Toy Story, & More
Where to Buy Disney Cloth Face Masks: Mickey, Toy Story, & More [Souce: Shop Disney]

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Disney face masks are currently hot news as people are rushing to buy them in order to increase protection against the pandemic. 

On Thursday, Disney announced that they would be donating $1 million of the sales profit that comes from selling these Disney face masks to Medshare. Think of all your favorite characters. You can get a mask of many of them very soon.

Can’t wait? You can pre-order now, too!

Disney Face Masks – An Major Effort for Our Global Situation

Wearing a face mask all the time is difficult for people and especially for children. But now children and adults alike can enjoy wearing Disney facemasks and feel like a real, live superhero.

Where to Buy Disney Cloth Face Masks: Mickey, Toy Story, & More [Souce: Shop Disney]

Disney will distribute one million masks to all states for the people who need them the most. This effort should prove very helpful, as many communities are in dire need of assistance.

Charles Redding (CEO of Medshare) speaks very highly about Disney’s aim to help those in need. Redding says that the one million masks by Disney will be provided to the people who are in under-privileged communities. It will help people save their lives and those of others while going outside. And Disney’s financial donation will help in buying medical and healthcare supplies for so many people who need them the most.

Disney’s Face Masks to the Rescue!

Disney unveiled its beautifully designed, reusable, non-medical face masks that you can wash and use over and over again. There will a lot of featured characters on the facemasks from Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and, of course, Mickey Mouse and friends.

I mean, how can anybody say no to a Baby Yoda face mask? I certainly couldn’t!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cloth face masks are helping to flatten the curve. In turn, this should also help in lessening the excessive burden on all of our healthcare workers, facilities, and in-demand resources.

Edward Park, a senior vice president of the Disney Store, says that he feels that there is a lot more need for face masks, and their effort could help in tackling that problem. He hopes that their work will bring a little happiness to families in this difficult time. In his blog post, Park goes on to say that Disney fans are always important to them, and that the Disney characters will always be there for the people to provide comfort at all times.

Where Can I Buy a Disney Face Mask Now?

Coming from Disney, you know that these face masks will be unique and inviting to wear.

Available in three different sizes (Small, Medium, Large), these cloth face masks will be featuring many of your favorite characters, ranging from Marvel’s Avengers to the Mandalorian, from Disney Princesses to Toy Story.

You can buy your favorite character or superhero’s face mask on the ShopDisney platform here.

The masks are available for $19.99 as a set of four so that your whole family can bring their favorite characters with them wherever they go during this difficult time.

Now you can get a Disney face mask to wear when you’re out and about. Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Baby Yoda, and more. To get one, all you have to do is pre-order your face masks today before the stock runs out. Again, the shop link is here.

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