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For moms and dads that love Disney, you need to check out the latest Minnie Mouse design that the whole family will love having around. It’s the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse PeekABook Activity Jumperoo! Check out all the photos and info below to get your baby scooting around the house in Disney style.

Minnie Mouse Jumper Disney Baby
Minnie Mouse Jumper Disney Baby

Note: Photos used on this article are courtesy of Disney and Amazon from the official product page, unless noted otherwise.

Minnie Mouse Jumperoo from Disney

When it comes to baby supplies, toys, and other goodies, nobody does it quite like Disney Baby.

They have tons of stuff that look great, are fun for kids to play with, and offer an immersive Disney experience like no other!

One of the newest Disney Baby play sets is the Minnie Mouse Jumperoo.

The Minnie Mouse jumper is bright pink, has tons of fun toys to play with, and even helps your baby to move around a little bit on their own.

Minnie Mouse Jumper Description

Here’s all the facts and figures from the product description on the official Minnie Mouse Jumperoo page on Amazon:

  • Minnie’s peek-a-boo baby jumper magically makes giggles
  • Seat rotates alllll the way around for 360-degree fun
  • 12 toys and activities with extra toy loops
  • Electronic toy station has Minnie-fied lights & sounds
  • Includes machine washable seat pad
  • Age minimum – 6 months
  • Minimum weight supported – 10 pounds

Some frequently asked questions might be:

What is the age requirement for the Minnie Mouse jumperoo? Your baby needs to be at least 6 months old to use the jumper safely.

What is the minimum weight requirement for the Minnie Mouse jumper? Make sure your baby weighs at least 10 lbs in order to use the jumperoo safely.

Is the Minnie Mouse jumperoo seat pad machine washable? Yes! The seat pad in the jumper is machine washable.

Minnie Mouse Jumper Photos

Take a look at all of these great Minnie Mouse Jumperoo photos and pictures available to give you a full idea of what to expect.

There’s also a video of a 4 month old baby using the jumper after all the pictures, so that you can see it in use.

Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumperoo
Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper
Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumperoo
Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper

Minnie Mouse Jumper Reviews

First of all, you should know that people absolutely LOVE their Minnie Mouse Jumperoo for their babies.

Parents and children alike seem to adore this Minnie Mouse play set that lets kids have fun and parents enjoy a little bit of freedom, too! 🙂

As you can see, the ratings on Amazon are insanely high.

After a whopping 1,688 reviews, it still has an almost PERFECT SCORE of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. That’s basically unheard of in any area of the Amazon store.

Minnie Mouse Jumperoo Star Ratings and Reviews on Amazon [Source: Amazon]
Minnie Mouse Jumperoo Star Ratings and Reviews on Amazon [Source: Amazon]

Here’s a few examples of review for the Minnie Mouse Jumperoo from Disney Baby on Amazon:

If you want to see even more and check out all the many, many questions and answers that the page has to offer, go over to Amazon and see for yourself!

Have a magical day!

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