Are All Disney Stores Closing? Here’s the Surprising Answer

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Recently, you may have noticed that your nearest Disney Store location closed down for good. This happened to us here in Los Angeles, where the very first Disney Store ever opened up at the Glendale Galleria mall, right down the street from Walt Disney Animation Studios (and Walt Disney’s final place of rest, too). With all the closures, you may be asking, “Are all Disney Stores closing?” Well, here’s the answer to your question!

Are All Disney Stores Closing? 2021 [Photo: Neal Tucker, D Is For Disney]
Are All Disney Stores Closing? 2021 [Photo: Neal Tucker, D Is For Disney]

Are All Disney Stores Closing?

If you grew up with the Disney Store…

Looking forward to opening the store to get a magical Disney Store key…

Or just enjoyed a trip to walk down the Disney path and see what new goodies were in store (literally)…

Then you know just how much the Disney Store experience meant to so many people (including me!).

But, you’ve probably also noticed that the Disney Stores in the USA are closing down, left and right. They’ve been shutting down for good for months now, and with seemingly no end in sight.

So, naturally enough, people are starting to wonder. Are they call closing down forever?

In other words…

Are all Disney Stores closing down? The answer is most likely Yes, with the only exceptions being the Disney Store Outlets locations in the United States.

Yes, we know this is sad. “Now it’s time to say goodbye” are some of the saddest words in the English language!

It’s breaking my heart to even write these words down right now. My wife and I visited our own (the Glendale Galleria location I mentioned earlier) the week before it closed down for good, and whenever I walk past it in the mall now, I get a little sad.

Here’s a few photos and videos we took on that last trip:

Disney Store Singalong with “A Whole New World” from Aladdin
Disney Store closing down video walkthrough
Disney Store closing down video Castle walkthrough

So, there you have it, folks… The Disney Stores in America are closing down for good, it looks like. Word on the street is that The Walt Disney Company (or CEO Bob Chapek) will make an official announcement as soon as Thursday, August 19, 2021. We’ll update here as soon as we hear anything.

Have a magical day!

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