How Mickey Mouse Has Changed Over Time [VIDEO]

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Mickey Mouse has changed over time. A lot. Walt Disney started out with a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Then came Mortimer Mouse. Mortimer’s named famously changed to Mickey (thankfully!). Mickey Mouse’s world eventually went from black and white to color. His friends have changed in appearance, too, right alongside him!

Mickey Mouse Changes Over Time

With Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebration going on, I thought it would be fun to share a video showing all his changes over the years. If you are interested in seeing our favorite mouse grow over time, watch the video below.

The Early Days

The video at the end of the article shows how Mickey Mouse has changed from the early days in the 1920s as a black and white character with no shoes or gloves. The video shows how Mickey’s eyes have changed considerably as well. They grow and shrink in size and shape. He’s even had eyebrows at certain times!

In 1935, the very first color Mickey Mouse short appeared. In it, Mickey plays a band conductor. Soon after, he appeared in “Mickey’s Garden”. (This is similar to a recent Mickey Mouse short called My Little Garden).

Mickey Mouse Cartoon “My Little Garden”

In “Mickey’s Garden”, we see the traditional outfit with red pants, white buttons, yellow shoes, and gloves. The only difference here is that the gloves were actually yellow, too!

In 1940, Mickey Mouse has changed again. Here, he appear in his first feature-length film, Fantasia. The sorcerer’s apprentice had developed a more pinkish face, as opposed to all white. Of course, here Mickey also wore the now-famous blue and white magical hat!

The Modern Look

Between 1943 and 1995, Mickey Mouse did not appear in the traditional outfit with red shorts at all. That’s pretty crazy to think about. Mickey Mouse has changed a lot, but his most famous outfit wasn’t even used for over 50+ years!

Funny enough, the buttons on his shorts changed from white to yellow and back as recently as the last few years. Mickey Mouse’s newest series has in some ways returned to one of the earlier looks. His eyes are “pie-eyed”. Mickey’s buttons are yellow again. And his body is shorter, thinner, and more angular.

Watch the video below to get all this detail and a whole lot more about your favorite animated mouse of all time.

How Mickey Mouse Has Changed Over Time (Video)

How Mickey Mouse Has Changed Over Time (Video)

As you can see, Mickey Mouse has changed a lot over time. Which version of Mickey Mouse is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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