Disney Voices Support for Black Community: Read Full Letter to Employees

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In this incredibly challenging time, Disney, Marvel, and Hulu all voiced their support for the black community today on their official social media accounts.

Disney, Marvel, Hulu Voice Support for Black Community [Source: TWDC]
Disney, Marvel, Hulu Voice Support for Black Community [Source: TWDC]

The Walt Disney Company Shows Support Online

In a show of support and solidarity, The Walt Disney Company [TWDC] voiced support for the black community and people of color.

Across the country right now, people are protesting police brutality and systemic racism.

Aligning themselves with the protestors and providing a major voice to the black community, Disney, Marvel, and Hulu all posted images and messages online on their official social media accounts to give support.

Disney on Social Media

Marvel on Social Media

Hulu on Social Media

Other Messages of Hope Online

These tweets and images are messages of hope and support.

I am so very glad that these companies are taking a stand on the right side of history.

Additionally, Netflix, HBO, and others also showed their support online on their Twitter accounts.

Disney Shows Their Support for Social Justice

With protests leading to curfews around the country, we know that this was an already difficult time during quarantine and lockdown in America.

In fact, Chief Executive Bob Iger shared this letter sent to all employees.

Resolve in a Time of Unrest: Disney's Letter to Employees [Source: TWDC]
Resolve in a Time of Unrest: Disney’s Letter to Employees [Source: TWDC]

View the letter on Disney’s website here.

I do believe that this gesture by the Disney companies makes a big statement and provides much needed encouragement at an incredibly challenging time for our nation and for people of color in our country.

D Is For Disney Stands with the Black Community

Racism should never be tolerated, and Disney’s comments make it clear that they agree.

Here at D Is For Disney, I stand with the black community and support people of color. There is no place for racism on this website, and I will never tolerate it.

My sincere hope is that, in time, we are able to eradicate racism and bigotry in this country and across the world.

I truly believe that the ethos of Disney’s stories is about inclusion, not exclusion; about love, not hate; about acceptance, not judgment.

I hope that you and your family are able to stay safe and well in this incredibly difficult and deeply troubling time.

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