Is Disney Movie Club Worth It? Everything You Need to Know.

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Is Disney Movie Club worth it? The answer to that question is here. Plus: Promos and codes, rewards and exclusives, the login page and customer service phone number, and a whole lot more. All about the Disney Movie Club. Every question answered. Let’s get into it!

Is Disney Movie Club Worth It? [Source: Disney Movie Club]
Is Disney Movie Club Worth It? [Source: Disney Movie Club]

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Disney Movie Club: The Essentials

We will answer the question, “Is Disney Movie Club worth it?”

First, though, it’s important to get all the details.

We’ll learn:

  • What to expect (sign up, movies, deals)
  • The best way to become a member
  • How it works once you join
  • And lots more!

With all that in mind, let’s find out what to expect from the DMC.

What is Disney Movie Club?

The Disney Movie Club is a membership program to receive movies from The Walt Disney Company.

Think of it like a Fan Club that’s only for the best Disney fans on the planet, where you also get Disney movies every single month.

Disney Movie Club films come in 4 different categories:

  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel

As you may know, Disney owns all of these companies.

Because of that, you get the ability to have movies from all four of them shipped directly to your home each and every month as a DMC member.

Join Disney Movie Club Today!

What Movies Does the Disney Movie Club Have?

A lot of people want to know exactly what movies they’ll receive.

Well, it just so happens that, because they’re Disney, they have a TON of movies!

When you choose a movie, you’ll see 4 different categories. These make it easier to sort and decide which ones you want to receive:

  • Most Popular Movies
  • Animated Movies
  • Live Action Movies
  • Marvel Movies

Here’s a snapshot of the top movies currently in the Most Popular category:

Another common question is if you get to choose all of your the monthly films as part of your membership.

In order to answer that question and a few others at the same time, let’s look at…

How the membership itself actually works.

How Does Disney Movie Club Really Work?

Here’s how it all actually works from start to finish…

Step 1

You can join Disney Movie Club for just $1.

Once you’re a member, you receive four movies in the mail from Disney, just for joining the program.

Step 2

Every four weeks (give or take, depending on shipping), the club will mail you the most exciting Disney movie of the month directly to your home.

BUT… What if I don’t want that movie?

Just skip it! No problem at all.

BUT… Can I just choose another movie instead?

Yes, absolutely! Just pick a different film and you’re all set.

And that’s all there is to it, really. Disney has tried to make it simple and straightforward, to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Once you’ve become a Disney Movie Club member, you will receive 4 movies in the mail for $1, then get another movie for every month that you’re a member.

What About Special Merchandise?

If you know Disney, you know that they do merch better than pretty much anybody else on the planet.

With that in mind, you just know that they are going to have more than only movies with your membership.

There’s gotta be some merchandise involved, right?

You are 1,000% correct!

In addition to all the films, DMC also offers exclusive deals on merch, just for members of the club.

Here’s some of the possible perks for member merchandise offers:

  • Exclusive member deals
  • Special promotions
  • Up to 50% OFF some items
  • Anniversary pins (while supplies last)
  • Lithograph offers paired with monthly movies
  • FREE gifts just for DMC members

Pretty cool, right?

All just for being a loyal Disney Movie Club member!

Is Disney Movie Club Worth It?

Is Disney Movie Club Worth It? Social Share Image and Pinterest Pin

Now, we’ve seen what we can expect from Disney Movie Club.

Whether it’s the movies they offer, exclusive merchandise deals, or even FREE stuff just for members, there’s a lot that DMC has going for it.

One question remains…

Is Disney Movie Club Worth It?

Ultimately, you will have to decide that for yourself. I know, I know, that’s not a great answer.

But hear me out…

As with every fan club or membership, there are pros and cons, all of which vary in importance, depending on the person or family and their perspective.

Truth be told, the upsides are almost too many to count!

There’s a ton of movies. Discounted prices. You get exclusive deals and free stuff.

And it’s all shipped straight to your door!

If you’re a big Disney fan, or if have kids that love Disney, or you’re a Disney movie collector, there’s really nothing quite like it. It’s almost like having your own Disney Vault at home.

On the other hand, there is one sort of downside, if you want to call it that.

DMC is a monthly membership, meaning that it’s not just a one-time payment.

Once you join, you’ll subscribe monthly until you reach your minimum purchase commitment.

Of course, you can cancel anytime you want after that, much like other subscriptions.

Just see the FAQ below for details on the minimum, and the cancellation process.

At the end of the day, it will always depend on the person. And these people…well, they love their Disney Movie Club!

Join Disney Movie Club Today!

Here’s the Bottom Line

Disney Movie Club is for Disney fans or families that love owning the movies after they come out from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel. The kind of people that have a Disney movie library at home and are proud of it!

If that describes you, then a membership is probably a great fit.

On the other hand, what if you’re the kind of person that waits to stream movies when they come out on Disney Plus?

If this is you, then it might be something worth a try, but of course that will vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions (The DMC FAQ)

Where can I find Disney Movie Club promo codes or discounts?

Yes, there are promo codes online for Disney Movie Club. But, as with any coupon, they expire and change over time. I’ve had the most luck personally with RetailMeNot. This is not an affiliate link, I just think it’s a solid promo code website. At the time of writing this article, they currently have a 5 movies for $1 promotional discount being offered.

What is the Disney Movie Club login website?

You can find the login webpage here.

The full website written out is this: https://member.disneymovieclub.go.com/login.

What is the Disney Movie Club customer service phone number?

The customer service number is 1-888-257-9100.

Customer Service Phone Hours: 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

What is the Disney Movie Club email address for customer support?

The customer service email is [email protected].

What is the Disney Movie Club minimum purchase commitment?

Once you join and get your 4 movies for $1, you will have 2 years to fulfill the purchase commitment.

This means you will need to buy an additional 5 more movies.

How much do the movies actually cost?

All 5 of the additional movies you’ll need to purchase are priced at the normal DMC club cost of $19.95 (DVD) or $29.95 (Blu-Ray).

How do I cancel my Disney Movie Club membership?

If someone wants to cancel their DMC membership, all they have to do is call or email with the info provided above.

[See the full official DMC FAQ here.]

Join Disney Movie Club Today!

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