9 Magical Things You Never Noticed in Beauty and the Beast

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Are you a fan of Beauty and the Beast (1991)? Then you need to see this cast list, fun facts, trivia, and so much more. Get ready for some awesome Beauty and the Beast fun from 1991 and 11 things you probably never noticed before…!

9 Magical Things You Never Noticed in Beauty and the Beast [Source: Disney]

The Disney Renaissance of the 90’s

In the nineties, Walt Disney Animation had what many people have referred to as the Disney Renaissance.

Starting in 1989, they released 4 huge blockbuster animated movies in just 5 short years.

Here they are:

  • The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Aladdin (1992)
  • The Lion King (1994)

As a child of the nineties myself, I personally grew up watching these 4 movies on repeat, over and over and over…

As soon as one of them was finished, I’d want to start it again from the beginning all over again! It was a magical time.

Of course, I’m sure many Disney fans around the world can relate to this exact feeling, too.

These animated movies from Disney are some of the company’s most beloved films, for a lot of reasons.

Beauty and the Beast | 1991

Naturally, one of the biggest animated Disney movies of all time is Beauty and the Beast from 1991.

In this film, the bookish Belle falls for the brutish Beast despite the best attempts of the garish Gaston, with the help of some singing candles, clocks, and tea pots along the way.

While we all know the story and the songs so well we could practically sing along with the movie in our sleep…

Not everyone may be as familiar with the people behind those iconic on-screen characters.

Beauty and the Beast | Cast

The cast from the 1991 Beauty and the Beast is one reason it did so well. It included some incredible and iconic performers that helped make the movie into an instant classic nearly overnight.

Here’s the Beauty and the Beast (1991) main cast list (from IMDb).

Note: Click on any name to be taken to that actor or character’s page on the Internet Movie Database.

Robby BensonBeast
Jesse CortiLefou
Rex EverhartMaurice
Angela LansburyMrs. Potts
Paige O’HaraBelle
Jerry OrbachLumiere
Bradley PierceChip
David Ogden StiersCogsworth /  Narrator
Richard WhiteGaston
Jo Anne WorleyWardrobe
Mary Kay BergmanBimbette
Brian CummingsStove
Alvin EpsteinBookseller
Tony JayMonsieur D’Arque
Alec MurphyBaker
Beauty and the Beast 1991 Cast – Main List from IMDb

Beauty and the Beast | Fun Facts & Trivia

Did you know…

1. Musical numbers and songs make up a whopping 25 minutes of this movie. In fact, only 5 minutes of the film have no music in them at all. Thank goodness for Disney’s love of song and dance!

2. Bambi’s mom is in the movie. If you look quickly, you can just spot her drinking from the fountain in the opening scene.

3. Feeling blue? Belle is the only person in her village in a blue tone during the street singing scene. Everyone else is in hues of orange, yellow, red, green, or grey colored clothing. The only other person in blue is the girl from Belle’s own book…

Beauty and the Beast (1991) [Source: Disney]
Beauty and the Beast (1991) [Source: Disney]

4. The name of the Beast/Prince is…Adam! None of the characters ever say it in the movie, but Disney has affirmed that his name is Adam. Prince Adam is the Beast is Prince Adam. You get it.

5. The movie required 600 animators and artists to make, over a period of 4 years! Clearly, their work paid off. The movie has become an enchanted (and enchanting) classic that new generations continue to discover, time and time again.

6. Angela Lansbury didn’t think that she and Mrs. Potts were right for the title song of “Beauty and the Beast”. But, she recorded it anyway, as a backup, at the director’s request. And the rest, as they say, is history… Can you even imagine the movie without her iconic song?

7. The animated Beauty and the Beast in 1991 was the very first animated movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards. The next one to receive the nomination was Pixar’s Up. Beauty and the Beast didn’t win, however. Actually, a very different movie won, with a very different sort of beast.*

(*Silence of the Lambs)

8. The final dance scene with Belle and the human Prince Adam is the same dance routine/sequence from Sleeping Beauty with Aurora and The Prince. Talk about big shoes to fill! Of course, the pair performed it to perfection.

9. The sign in the woods has a few Southern California city names on it. And one of them is Anaheim, where Disneyland is located just south of Los Angeles. A fun Easter egg by the animators and a nod to Walt Disney’s first theme park.

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