What Movie Is “The Queen Is Coming” From? Here’s the Answer.

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A new trend has popped up on popular social media app TikTok called The Queen Is Coming. Naturally, a lot of people are wondering, “What is “The Queen is coming” from?” Here’s the answer…

What Movie Is "The Queen Is Coming" From? Here's the Answer. [Source: The Graham Norton Show via YouTube]
What Movie Is “The Queen Is Coming” From? Here’s the Answer. [Source: The Graham Norton Show via YouTube]

The Princess Diaries

In the Disney movie The Princess Diaries, the character played by Anne Hathaway has some incredible moments, as does Julie Andrews.

Hathaway won fans over with her charm, and the film has taken a very important place in the hearts of countless people over the years.

But the scene stealer here is actually not Hathaway or Julie Andrews, but Sandra Oh, who plays Albert Einstein High School Principal Gupta.

At one point, there is a scene where Sandra Oh’s character picks up the phone and says, “The Queen is coming.”

Watch this hilarious on-screen moment in the scene below, that some people have called the “funniest part of the whole movie”.


What movie is The Queen is coming from? It’s from The Princess Diaries, the fan favorite Disney movie featuring Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, and Sandra Oh.

Why Is This Scene Big on TikTok Right Now?

It’s for a few specific reasons, all having to do with one person…

  1. Sandra Oh is hilarious and WONDERFUL.
  2. Sandra Oh is magnificent IN EVERYTHING.
  3. Sandra Oh just reenacted her scene FROM THE PRINCESS DIARIES.

Because of this, people on Tik Tok are having a blast reenacting this iconic scene.

Watch what she did on The Graham Norton Show below from this clip on YouTube to see the great Sandra Oh perform her classic line from The Princess Diaries.

The Queen Is Coming: TikTok Performances

Check out these hilarious reenactments and lip sync videos from TikTok as people channel their inner Sandra Oh.

There’s several featuring furry pets, one baby, and even a snake!



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