Marvel Avengers Update 1.05: Everything You Need to Know

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Do you have what it takes save the world? Grab your hammer, shield, and armor, because today we are taking on Marvel Avengers Update 1.05! 

Marvel Avengers Game and Updates

Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that merges an original, cinematic story with single-player and co-operative gameplay. 

Gamers have the unique ability to:

  • assemble into a team
  • master remarkable abilities
  • tailor a growing roster of Heroes
  • protect the Earth from spiraling threats

Sounds like some marvelous fun, right?!

Where Can I Find Marvel Avengers Game?

Visit the official website here to learn more about the Marvel Avengers game: https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/sep4patch/.

At that website, you can also read about some of the updates and patches that have come to the Marvel Avengers game as well, including Patch 1.05.

What Is Marvel Avengers Update 1.05?

On September 4th, Crystal Dynamics released the Patch 1.05 update for the Marvel’s Avengers Game. 

Here’s what it does:

The Marvel Avengers Update 1.05 effectively resolves numerous bugs and glitches that PC, PS4, and Xbox gamers stumbled across in beta.

When Can I Check Out Marvel Avenger Update 1.05?

The Marvels Avengers Update 1.05 may be downloaded and installed as of right now! 

Just keep in mind, the size of the download may vary dependent upon what platform you use. 

PC Patch Notes

●Implemented work-around for NVIDIA 10-series driver problem that was causing crashes when using ALT-TAB, ALT-ENTER.

●Enabling Steam Cloud to allow you to easily synchronize your save-games between multiple PCs.  

●Fixed a problem that caused some players to be unable to throw rocks as Hulk or to shoot as Ironman.  

●Fix for a DEVICE_HUNG crash some users experienced in the sewers.  

●Various stability improvements.    

PS4 Patch Notes

●Backup Save: Available in the Settings menu, this feature backs up your save files every hour. 

●Fixed an issue where the Square Enix Members interface would appear too frequently.  

●Network improvements    

●Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.  

Xbox V1.2.2 Patch Notes

●Various UI Improvements   

●Save Game optimizations        

●Fixed issues with Exotic Artifact abilities   

●Addressed character model bugs with young Kamala and Thor     

Xbox: V1.2.3  Patch Notes 

●Backup Save: Available in the Settings menu, this feature backs up your save files every hour.  

●Fixed an issue where the Square Enix Members interface would appear too frequently.  

●Network improvements. 

●Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.   

●Fixed an issue where achievements would sometimes not work. 

Known Issues and Workarounds

In addition to the tweaks and changes, we also received a list of “Known Issues and Workaround”, including:

  • Character Duplication/Swaps on Golden Gate Bridge
  • “House Call” cannot be Completed
  • Infinite Loading Screens
  • Unlocked Outfits Reverting to Locked State
  • Community Challenges not updating in real time
  • Credits sometimes do not appear when purchased
Marvel's Avengers Game Update 1.05 [Source: KhrazeGaming via YouTube]
Marvel’s Avengers Game Update 1.05 [Source: KhrazeGaming via YouTube]

Will There Be Another Update?

You can bet your Infinity Stones on it! 

As stated on the official website:

“We chose to push these out as soon as possible while we continue tracking and working hard to resolve a few known issues, which you can find outlined below.”

As you can see, it is highly likely that fans will receive a much bigger update soon to follow Marvel Avengers Update 1.05!

Until then, “Avengers! Assemble!”

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