Which Actor Is In Every Pixar Film?

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From the very first Toy Story, to Cars, to Inside Out, Onward, and everything else that has followed, Pixar has cast countless actors in its many instantly classic films. But did you know that one actor has been in every single Pixar movie? That’s right! Today, we answer the question: Which actor is in every Pixar film? Read on for the surprising answer.

Which Actor Is in Every Pixar Film? John Ratzenberger [Source: Pixar / Ratzenberger.com]
Which Actor Is in Every Pixar Film? John Ratzenberger. [Source: Pixar / Ratzenberger.com]

Which Actor Is in Every Pixar Film?

The very first Pixar movie came out way back in an era known as the nineties, and of course we all know it well now: Toy Story (1995).

That film brought us the treasures of Disney and Pixar collaboration, three sequels, and a whole host of beloved characters.

From that one movie came many, many more, with no end in sight (thankfully!). We’ve been able to enjoy the wild adventures of Buzz and Woody, Lightning McQueen, Joy and Bing Bong, and Ian and Barley Lightfoot, among so many others.

But, there’s one actor that has had the ability to provide his voiceover acting talents to literally all of these movies.


Which actor is in every Pixar film? John Ratzenberger! He plays Hamm in Toy Story, Mack in Cars, John in WALL-E, and Juan in Coco, among lots of other timeless characters.

(Famously, he also played Cliff on Cheers.)

Here Is the Full John Ratzenberger List of Pixar Characters:

[Source: This chart is quoted from Fandom. See more details on their website here.]
1995Toy StoryHamm
Toy Story Activity Center
Toy Story: Animated Storybook
1996Toy Story Treats
1998A Bug’s LifeP.T. FleaFly in Bug Bar
1999Toy Story 2Hamm
Toy Story 2: The Video Game
2001Monsters, Inc.Yeti
2003Finding NemoMoonfish
2004The IncrediblesThe Underminer
2006CarsMack / Car versions of HammYeti, and P.T. Flea
Cars: The Video GameMack
2009UpConstruction Foreman Tom
Toy Story Mania!Hamm
Cars Race-O-RamaMack
2010Toy Story 3Hamm
Toy Story 3: The Video Game
2011Cars 2Mack
Hawaiian VacationHamm
Small Fry
2012Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure
Partysaurus RexHamm
2013Monsters UniversityYeti
Disney InfinityHamm
2015Inside OutFritz
The Good DinosaurEarl
2016Finding DoryBill
2017Cars 3Mack
CocoJuan Ortodoncia
2018Incredibles 2The Underminer
2019Toy Story 4Hamm 
2020OnwardConstruction Worker Fennwick                   

What do you think? Who is your favorite John Ratzenberger Pixar character? There are too many to choose a #1, but if I’m absolutely forced to pick…

I probably gotta go with the OG hamself himself: Hamm.

Let me know your favorite in the comments section below or on Twitter @disfordisney_!

Have a magical day!

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