Aubrey Plaza, Marvel’s Shadow King, Wants to Moderate Next Debate

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Fan favorite Aubrey Plaza from popular TV show Parks and Recreation wants to moderate the next Presidential Debate. She also has the vote of at least one fan to be cast as Jennifer Walters for She-Hulk, the highly anticipated Disney+ series. As Aubrey Plaza is in Marvel’s Legion TV show, she could most certainly do the moderation as Shadow King. Check out the Aubrey Plaza tweet below, as well as the Marvel She-Hulk fan art, and more.

Aubrey Plaza, Marvel’s Shadow King, Wants to Moderate Next Debate

Aubrey Plaza Wants to Moderate the Next Presidential Debate as Shadow King from Marvel’s Legion

The first Presidential Debate was a debacle in every sense of the word.

This isn’t a political website, so there won’t be any breakdown of the policies, but one thing was clear: the moderator, Chris Wallace, had some trouble getting a word in edgewise.

Here is what Aubrey wrote on Twitter:

And all the people said: Amen.

For one, I think it’s an amazing idea. If there is another Presidential Debate, they should 1,000% let Aubrey Plaza moderate…

As Shadow King from Marvel’s Legion.

Read on below for other Aubrey Plaza Marvel news.

Aubrey Plaza, Marvel, & She-Hulk

Marvel’s fearless leader, Kevin Feige, has confirmed that the She-Hulk series is in the works and will be written by Jessica Gao, Emmy-winning writer of Rick and Morty.

According to IMDb, Jennifer Walters will actually be played by Tatiana Maslany.

She was announced to be playing the lead role in September.

Aubrey Plaza as Marvel She-Hulk in Disney+ Series Fan Art

Other than that, we don’t really know all that much about the cast, aside from various rumors and fan art.

While we do know which actress will be playing She-Hulk, some graphic designers and artists have done their own casting.

The designer @apexform on Instagram created this fan-art poster featuring Jennifer Walters as Aubrey Plaza (from Marvel’s Legion). Marvel hasn’t made any comments on whether Plaza will be in the series in any capacity, but the poster does look really cool.

See it below:

Without missing a beat, though, apexform has created yet another fan art image for Tatiana Maslany.

Check out that fan art poster below:

What do you think about the fan-art posters? And what do you think about Aubrey Plaza moderating the next Presidential Debate?

Do you have any actors you would like to see in She-Hulk or other upcoming Marvel TV shows or movies on Disney+?

Let me know in the comments or on social media @disfordisney_.

Have a marvelous day!

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