Is “The Wizard of Oz” & “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Disney?

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With the popularity of the movie and song, you might wonder if The Wizard of Oz or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is Disney. These are great questions, because so many of the popular movies of the last century are from the mind and creative genius of Walt Disney. This goes especially for early films, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So, Is Wizard of Oz a Disney movie? Is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a Disney song? Find out right here!

Is Wizard of Oz a Disney Movie?

One question that comes up from time to time is this…

Did Disney make The Wizard of Oz?

Another, very much related question follows…

Does Walt Disney Studios own the rights to The Wizard of Oz?

Like I said before, these are both really good questions, when you consider Walt Disney’s track record of timeless, classic movies.

Not only that, but L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s stories and books have been produced in various movie, TV series, and theatrical forms time and time again, to great success.

Also, many people may remember the movies Return to Oz as well as Oz the Great and Powerful, which DEFINITELY ARE Disney movies. They were produced by Disney back in 1985 and 2013, respectively.


Is The Wizard of Oz a Disney movie? No, The Wizard of Oz is NOT a Disney movie. As of this time, Walt Disney Studios does NOT own the rights to the Wizard of Oz movie either.

Is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a Disney Song?

Given the nature of the first question, this one is also a very common one that pops up.

The main question here, though, is this…

Is the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Disney?

AKA, did Walt Disney write the original hit song from The Wizard of Oz movie?

Again, given the hit songs that Walt wrote and produced for the early Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it stands to reason he might have done Dorothy’s famous song, too!


Is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a Disney song? No, the classic Wizard of Oz song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is NOT a Disney song, and Disney does NOT own the rights to it at this time.

What Is the Connection Between Disney & The Wizard of Oz?

While the famous movie and song from 1939 were not made (and aren’t owned) by Walt Disney Studios…

There actually is a connection between the two!

The Wizard of Oz story has a long history at the Disney Parks. The movie had a scene in The Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios (previously located in Walt Disney World Resort).

Also, the film has a miniature version in both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris in the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride and attraction within Fantasyland.

So, yes, there is very much a connection between Disney and Oz, even if the two aren’t technically under the same production roof.

There you have it! I hope this was helpful and answered your questions about The Wizard of Oz and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” being Disney or not.

Have a magical day!

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