How Many After Credits Scenes in Eternals? Here’s the Answer.

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For Marvel fans around the world, it’s another great time to be alive. The new movie, Eternals, is now out in movie theaters (and soon on Disney+), starring Gemma Chan and Richard Madden. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow and expand in numerous awesome ways, and this one is no different. Speaking of, there’s one thing that Marvel Studios does more than any other: post credits scenes. So, you may wondering, “How many after credits scenes in Eternals?” Or, another way to put it, “How many post-credits scenes are in Eternals?” Well, we’ve got the answer for your right here!

How Many After Credits Scenes in Eternals?

Alright. The latest Marvel film is out, and people are beyond thrilled (including me!).

The thing about these movies is that they are all part of the bigger MCU, the full Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Because of this…

They tie in characters and storylines from all over the Marvel world.

Sometimes these are characters fans are familiar with from previous movies, and other times they are brand new characters.

Either way, it’s always fun to see what secrets we can glean for the future of the MCU.

Here’s the thing, though…

Kevin Feige and crew does this not only during the movies themselves…but also in the post-credits scenes!

How Many After Credits Scenes in Eternals? [Source: Marvel Studios]
How Many After Credits Scenes in Eternals? [Source: Marvel Studios]

So, let’s get to the big question at hand:

How many after credits scenes in Eternals? TWO. There are 2 post-credits scenes in Eternals. The first one happens during the credits, and the second occurs after the credits are over.

Curious about what it all means?

Watch the video below for the post-credits scene explained. There’s also a good explanation here.

In addition to these 2 after credits scenes (also known as “stingers”)…

There is also a post-credits screen that lets us know what to expect from the Eternals characters in a sequel follow-up.

That’s all you need to know about after credit scenes in Marvel’s new movie Eternals.

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Have a marvelous day!

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