Top 5 Places Where to Watch Disney Channel Shows Online

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If you’ve already seen the Top 5 FREE Places to Watch Disney Channel Shows online, you know that there’s a lot of great Disney Chanell shows and other stuff out there for free. But you may need more than that. And that’s great, too!

We Disney nerds have to get our fix somehow. Thankfully, for people like us, Disney has tons of content on a bunch of different sites and apps that people can use to watch as much Disney as we all can handle, all for just a few dollars.

We’ve looked at all of them for you, so you don’t have to spend the time searching around. These sites and apps below are the best five of the whole bunch. The cream of the crop!

Without further ado, the Top 5 paid places where to watch Disney Channel shows and movies online.


1. Disney Plus

Disney+ Streaming Platform [Source]

Have you heard of it? Unless you live in a hole with Eeyore, you probably have. But did you know that they have TONS of great Disney Channel shows and movies available?

With the launch of Disney Plus, Netflix lost a lot of Disney content. So, sign up and get watching!

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2. Hulu

Disney on Hulu (source)

Just like Disney+, Hulu has a bajillion TV shows and movies. Also like Disney Plus, they’ve got a ton of great Disney Channel shows and movies available as well.

The difference between Disney+ and Hulu, though, is that Disney owns a significant part of Hulu, while Disney Plus is all Disney.

This means that even with Disney+, there will still be great Disney Channel shows and movies on the platform. They’ve even announced that some Marvel shows will be developed just for Hulu. That’s pretty exciting stuff if you ask me!

3. PlayStation Vue

Disney on Playstation Vue
Disney on Playstation Vue (source)

PlayStation isn’t just for gaming anymore. If you have PlayStation Vue, the company’s cable-type package, you can watch Disney Channel shows and movies whenever they’re on.

4. XFINITY Instant TV

Disney on Comcast XFINITY Instant TV
Disney on Comcast XFINITY Instant TV (source)

Same goes for Comcast! Their XFINITY Instant TV package allows you to stream and watch as much from the Disney Channel shows and movies library that they have available.

5. YouTube TV

Disney on YouTube TV
Disney on YouTube TV (source)

Finally, there’s YouTube. You probably think of YouTube as a place where cat videos go to become viral (Disney or otherwise). While that’s very much still the case, Youtube also has its own version of cable that includes Disney channels.

It’s just like the others listed here, except that it’s built right into your normal YouTube experience. For a lot of people, YouTube is their go-to source for entertainment, news, and of course, the Disney Channel.

Now, you can also get all your Disney Channel shows and movies needs met on YouTube as well!

Of course, Disney Channel has tons of free shows on their page as well.

We really hope this page helps you to find the very best website or app for you to watch all your favorite Disney Channel shows and movies online. If it was helpful, share it with your friends! They need to know this stuff too!

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