Cards Against Disney: Review, Unboxing, and More

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For fans of Disney and card games, get Cards Against Disney, for the most Mouse House fun you can have without the kids around! Check this instant card game classic out, to see what all the fuss is about…

Cards Against Disney

Cards Against Disney: The Card Game

Have you played Cards Against Humanity before? If you have, then you’ve got a leg up already and basically know the rules to this one, too!

This edition of the hilariously ribald card game is called Cards Against Disney. It may not be Disney official, but it’s certainly Disney inspired! (If you’re looking for the official Cards Against Disney product page, it’s right here.)

It’s essentially the exact same idea as the original game, only with a focus on ALL THINGS DISNEY.

NOTE: This game is very much intended just for adults. Definitely tuck the kids in bed before pulling this game out!

How to Play Cards Against Disney

Alright, here’s the rules for Cards Against Disney.

  • One person draws a black card from the deck.
  • This player reads aloud from the card. There will be either a question or a sentence with a blank in it, for everyone to fill in.
  • All the other players choose a white card from their own hand of playing cards.
    • Note: The goal is essentially to get the full and undivided consideration of the player with the black card (laughter, disgust, absurdity, you name it!).
  • Every one of the rounds closes out as the original black card player selects their personal favorite white card played by the others at the table.
  • The person with the most black cards at the end of the game, wins!
AKA, Cards Against Humanity done Disney style!
Cards Against Disney [Source: Pop Sugar]
Cards Against Disney [Source: Pop Sugar]

If you’re a big lover of cards in general and you also love Disney, try out a deck of these cool Disney originals:

For a galactic take on the adult card game world, try Cards Against Star Wars!

Cards Against Star Wars [Source: Amazon]
Cards Against Star Wars [Source: Amazon]

What’s Included in the Box

Cards Against Disney [Source: Buildsoft]
Cards Against Disney [Source: Buildsoft]
  • Red Box: 828 Cards / 568 Red Cards / 260 White Cards
  • Number of players: 4 20+
  • Minimum age: 17+
  • Game time for playing: 30 90+ minutes

Read this incredible and glowing review from the game’s product page on Amazon.

Coming from a mega Disney family, this game is freakin’ hilarious! It is definitely somethin’ to think of your favorite characters in whole new ways that you’d have never thought before. Crazy scenarios will get everyone cracking up! We can play it with our adult friends & even our older teenagers. Great quality cards & box.

5 Stars, Sarah, Verified Purchase

It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that! 😀

For even more on this laugh riot of a game, watch the Toy Room unboxing and review of Cards Against Disney below!

Do you love Cards Against Humanity and its variants, such as Cards Against Disney?

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