Is Hamilton Staying on Disney Plus Forever?

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With Hamilton coming to Disney Plus on July 3rd, a lot of people are asking questions about what time it’s going to be on Disney+, as well as one big question… “Is Hamilton staying on Disney Plus?” In other words, will Hamilton be like all the other shows that stay for a long time on Disney+, or is it just a one-time show?

Is Hamilton Staying on Disney Plus? Or Is It A One Time Show?
Is Hamilton Staying on Disney Plus? Or Is It A One Time Show?

Here are all the answers to your big Hamilton questions!

What Exact Time Is Hamilton Coming to Disney Plus?

The best guess is 12AM Midnight, either Eastern or Pacific Time in the United States (US).

In other words: 12AM Eastern or 12AM Pacific.

Different sources state different times, but we can expect the show to be live and ready to stream by 3AM Eastern, at the latest, here in the US.

As for people watching Disney Plus in the United Kingdom (UK), it may not be until 8AM, according to one source.

Read my full article on the timing of Hamilton’s release on Disney+ here.

Is Hamilton Staying on Disney Plus?

This is a major, major question!

[Source: Hamilton]
[Source: Hamilton]

The new film is of a live production instead of a movie or TV show series, which makes it a little bit unusual for something on a streaming platform, such as Disney Plus – or Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, or any of the others out there.

Because of this, it absolutely makes perfect sense to wonder if Hamilton is going to be any different than the normal content.

Will it show up once, and that’s it?

In other words, will the Hamilton musical be a live telecast, a one-time show, or will Hamilton stay on Disney Plus forever?

Well, here’s your answer…

Is Hamilton Staying on Disney+ Forever?

Is Hamilton staying on Disney Plus? Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton appears extremely likely to be staying on Disney Plus for the foreseeable future. In other words, it is extremely unlikely that it will only be available for a short time.

And here’s why…

Exactly How Long Will Hamilton Be on Disney Plus?

This is what we know about how long exactly the musical show will be on Disney…

To answer this, we have to look at the agreement that Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda worked out.

[Source: Hamilton]
[Source: Hamilton]

Here’s what one source has written about the arrangement and the amount of money Disney is paying for the ability to show Hamilton on TV:

In February of 2020, Deadline reported that Disney had paid $75 million for exclusive, worldwide rights to the recording of the show (which was filmed over the course of three nights). It wouldn’t make sense for Disney to pull the film from the Disney Plus lineup after spending such a huge sum for it.


How much did Disney pay for Hamilton on Disney Plus? $75 million!

From what we can tell then, it looks like Disney+ will have the rights to air and show Hamilton for a long time in the future!

[Source: Hamilton]

That’s good news for Disney and Hamilton fans!

I’ve even seen it being called A Disney Plus Original for the streamer.

To put it simply: that’s really, really, really big.

It means Disney is considering the musical way up there with The Mandalorian, A Dog’s Life, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and other super big hits that Disney originally made or produced themselves.

Spoiler: It’s also one reason why there’s going to be a little editing of the language, too… 😉

Well, there’s all your questions answered … I hope!

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