What Does Ardy Stand for Disney?

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The word “Ardy” has many fans online asking, “What does Ardy stand for Disney?” Here’s the answer…

What Does Ardy Stand for Disney?
What Does Ardy Stand for Disney? [Source: Radio Disney]

What Does Ardy Stand for Disney?

How many times have you come across a new or interesting word and thought, “What in the world could that possibly mean?”

[Source: Radio Disney]
[Source: Radio Disney]

Well, this is exactly the case with the word Ardy.

Tons of people online have seen this abbreviated word in the context of The Walt Disney Company.

Together, we’ve all wondered what it means, asking each other, “What does Ardy stand for Disney?”

Well, here’s the answer…

What does Ardy stand for Disney? The word “Ardy” is the sounding out of the letters R-D, which is short for “Radio Disney” and their music awards. Together, they sound like ARR-DEE. Written out, the word is spelled Ardy. So, the word “Ardy” at Disney stands for the Radio Disney Music Awards.

What Are the Radio Disney Music Awards?

The Radio Disney Music Awards (RDMA) are a yearly awards event show that’s run by the radio network at Disney, which is called Radio Disney.

[Source: Radio Disney]
[Source: Radio Disney]

The Radio Disney Channel on the radio has actually been around for a very long time.

When I was growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s, we used to listen to Radio Disney on the radio when we were driving to and from school with my Mom. I have such wonderful memories of those car rides with Radio Disney playing Hanson and other teen pop favorites. We got a Radio Disney Mickey Mouse shaped magnet that my parents still have on their fridge! 🙂

A Radio Disney Mickey Mouse Magnet Similar to the One We Had Growing Up [Source: eBay]
A Radio Disney Mickey Mouse Magnet Similar to the One We Had Growing Up [Source: eBay]

The very first Radio Disney Music Awards (or “Ardy” Awards) was held only on the the radio broadcast, back in the year 2001.

As the Ardy awards gained in popularity, Disney wanted to make them accessible to more people and give them a bigger stage, so to speak.

Since 2014, the Ardys are now being held on the Disney Channel.

[Source: Radio Disney]
[Source: Radio Disney]

While this hasn’t been confirmed, it makes sense to think they might come to Disney Plus at some point in the future as well.

The Radio Disney Music Awards 2020

On the 25th of June in 2020, Disney announced that the 2020 Radio Disney Music Awards would get a brand new name.

The Walt Disney Company has officially renamed the awards show the Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist.

The Radio Disney Music Awards 2020 will premiere on July 10, 2020 at 9 p.m. with Laura Marano as the featured host.

On YouTube, they write, “Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along precedes the ARDYs Summer Playlist airing at 8 p.m. on the network.”

Watch the livestream right here.

So, that’s the definition of Ardy and a little history of the Radio Disney Music Awards, or RDMAs.

If someone asks you, “What does Ardy stand for Disney?”, now you have the answer.

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Have a magical day!

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