Monopoly Marvel 80 Years Edition Board Game | Unboxing, Review

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It’s been eight decades since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave Marvel its start, and now we have the Monopoly Marvel 80 Years Edition Board Game from Hasbro Gaming here to help us all celebrate! Check out the game below, with photos, videos, game pieces, unboxing, what’s in the box, Marvel Avengers characters, and much more.

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Monopoly Marvel 80 Years Edition Board Game

If you’re a fan of Marvel, the Avengers, or comic book superheroes, you are absolutely in for a major treat with this one.

This set celebrates the full 80 years of Marvel Comics that we as fans and readers have come to know and love.

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and all the rest created a marvelous world that we get to inhabit week-in and week-out, year after year.

Now, it’s been a full eighty years!

This new version has some of the same classic features like collecting as many spots as possible and charging rent to other players that land on your spaces.

Adding to that, is a full suite of new exclusive game pieces that players can use to make the iconic board game a uniquely Marvel experience.

This includes Catalogue Cards, which force the Monopoly player to choose a card from the deck and perform the required card action, as well as awesome new comics artwork from legendary comic book artist Alex Ross.

Here’s how Hasbro describes the new Monopoly Marvel 80 Years Edition Board Game on the official product page on their website:

The Monopoly: Marvel 80 Years Edition board game is a celebration of Marvel’s epic catalogue of comics. With gameplay inspired by the Marvel Universe and iconic Marvel artwork — including art by Alex Ross — this game is a must for Marvel fans. Properties include Covers, Marvel Knights, and Team Leaders, and instead of houses and hotels, this edition features Issues and Omnibuses. The last player left when all other players go bankrupt, is the winner.


AKA, it’s profoundly awesome.

It’s a great touch that the traditional Monopoly houses and hotels are replaced with Issues and Omnibuses.

Fans and avid collectors of all of the different Marvel comic books (like me!) are practically guaranteed to absolutely love that.

Note: The game is listed as for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up.

What’s In the Box

Before you get a new board game or card game, you want to know what’s in the box.

Here’s everything that comes in the marvelous edition of this new Monopoly board game box set:

Marvel Monopoly 80 Years Game Pieces

Monopoly Marvel 80 Years Edition Board Game Unboxing

Here’s a video of the brand new edition of the Monopoly board game, along with an unboxing, plus a review of the board and gameplay, too.

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