6 Absolutely Genius Reasons Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

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Disney World lives in the Sunshine State of Florida, which has its fair share of swampland and humidity. So, here’s a fun question that a lot of people have asked, “Why are there no mosquitoes at Disney World?

Here are 6 absolutely genius reasons for why there are no mosquitos at Walt Disney World…

Why Are There No Mosquitoes at Disney World? [Source: Disney World UK]
Why Are There No Mosquitoes in Disney World? [Source: Disney World UK]

At first, you might be too busy tinkering with the My Disney Experience app or too engrossed in the magical scenery of the Magic Kingdom, that you don’t notice the absence of mosquitoes and other bugs.

Then, after a while, you may realize that you haven’t been shooing away those awful insects ever since you entered the park. 

So, how come there are virtually no mosquitoes in the Happiest and Most Magical Place on earth?

Is the Disney magic behind it all? Let’s unfold the 6 reasons together.

1. No Mosquitoes at Disney World: Thanks to Joe Potter’s Ditches

Joe Potter [Source: D23]

In the 1960s, Walt Disney hired Major General William “Joe” Potter, an MIT graduate, engineering expert, and the previous governor of the Panama Canal Zone.

In that place damaged by malaria-carrying mosquitoes, Potter was able to develop an extensive knowledge of pest control.

So, when Walt and Joe had a conversation at the 1964 World’s Fair, the latter shared his background in mosquito control. 

Walt hired him right away and placed him in charge of keeping mosquitoes out of the theme park that Walt was planning on establishing.

Of course, that theme park is Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

So, what did Potter do?

Mr. Potter knew from the get-go that the theme park shouldn’t have stagnant water, where the insects lay their eggs.

So, he supervised the construction of drainage ditches, which would discard excess water before it even had a chance to pool.

So, if you think you’ve seen water staying still in the park, your eyes might have actually deceived you!

After all, even the seemingly stagnant water in the park is always moving. 

“The guests usually don’t notice it…but the water is constantly flowing… Whenever you walk by a body of water, there’s usually a fountain in the middle of it, or they’re doing something to keep it flowing.”

Christopher Lucas of Top Disney Blog

2. Brilliant Architecture at Disney World

Buildings at Disney World [Source: Mickey Blog]
Buildings at Disney World [Source: Mickey Blog]

Even the buildings around the park have their roofs designed specially to allow rainwater to run off entirely, never leaving a pool of water.

In other words, there are no mosquitoes at Disney World because the buildings are curved, sloped, arched, or angled just perfectly so.

 “The architecture is really appealing to the eye, but it also serves a purpose: It makes it less conducive to mosquitoes.”

Christopher Lucas of Top Disney Blog

3. Careful Selection of Plants

Panchito Pistoles, Donald Duck and Jose Carioca at Epcot theme park [Source: Orange County Register]
Panchito Pistoles, Donald Duck and Jose Carioca at Epcot theme park [Source: Orange County Register]

What’s more, Disney World makes sure they don’t have plants that would permit water to puddle in them.

That’s why there are no water lilies in bodies of water.

Instead, those places are filled with fishes that eat mosquito larvae such as minnows, koi, goldfish.

There’s even one fish that swims around Disney World literally called a “mosquitofish”, because they eat the larvae of mosquitos!

According to Wikipedia:

The common name, mosquitofish, is derived from their use for biological control of mosquitoes, which itself was based on early observations that, in certain circumstances, they can reduce mosquito abundances.


Is that genius or what?!

Koi Pond at Epcot’s Japan Pavilion [Source: Disney Parks Blog]

4. Yes to Sprays, No to Insects!

The type of spray here isn’t the kind you may be thinking of…

From the very beginning, Walt Disney made it crystal clear that no chemicals should be used in his park. 

He didn’t want the environment ruined, so to use pesticides was a big no-no.

As an alternative, Disney World uses liquid garlic.

Since mosquitoes detest the smell of garlic, Disney World sprays an extract around the park.

They spray a sufficient amount – small enough for humans not to notice, but enough to be effective for the insects to be susceptible to it. 

In addition, Walt Disney World Resort also gives complimentary insect repellents for guests. Sort of like a cherry on top of the cake. You almost certainly won’t need it, but it’s nice to have anyway.

Walt Disney World Resort Mosquito Prevention Signage [Source: Inside the Magic]
Walt Disney World Resort Mosquito Prevention Signage [Source: Inside the Magic]

5. Mosquitoes at Disney World Get Frozen

To keep insects at bay, the park also maintains mosquito traps that use carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, and then promptly trap them.

The trapped mosquitoes are then frozen and analyzed so that their species and concentration can be revealed.

This kind of information allows Disney World Cast Members to figure out how to deal with them appropriately.

6. Sentinel Chickens at Disney World

Leghorn Laying Chickens Used to Detect Mosquito-borne Diseases [Source: Orange County Register]
Leghorn Laying Chickens Used to Detect Mosquito-borne Diseases [Source: Orange County Register]

Yes, you read that correctly…

Sentinel chickens are apparently living in coops all over the park!

Park employees monitor the chickens’ blood regularly, to find out where they should spray more.

Why chickens? Because they can serve as carriers of the viruses that mosquitoes carry, but they seldom get sick because of the insects.

For more details, watch this video.

Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World Wrap Up

Putting it briefly, the Walt Disney magic behind this wonder comes from these 6 genius reasons:

  1. Joe Potter’s Ditches
  2. Architecture
  3. Landscaping
  4. Mosquito Traps
  5. Sprays
  6. Sentinel Chickens!

Because of these incredibly genius methods that the park uses on a daily basis, the mosquitoes are minimized.

To the point that you probably won’t notice a single one the whole time you’re there!

And for that, we have Walt Disney, Joe Potter, and all the Imagineers and Cast Members to thank.

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