How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse for President? Here’s the Answer.

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With each election, there comes a time when all of us step into the ballot box and place our vote for the candidate of our choice. Along with that comes the inevitable decision that some American citizens make to vote – not for one of the primary candidates – but for none other than Mickey Mouse himself. How many people actually vote for Mickey Mouse for President each and every year? Here’s the surprising answer!

How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse for President Every Year? [Source: ALPAF]
How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse for President Every Year? [Source: ALPAF]

How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse?

First of all, you may wonder…

Why do people vote for Mickey Mouse? This is a great question, and it has a very interesting answer. When someone decides to write-in a vote of their own candidate (Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, Jesus, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, and many others), it is something called a protest vote.

What is a protest vote? Protest votes are when people decide that none of the candidates are worthy of their vote, so they write in a nominee that either cannot or will not win the election.

In this case, people are voting for Mickey Mouse, who is a fictional character. Naturally, this means he can’t accept an election, if he were to somehow win.

How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse for President Every Year? [Source: Amino Apps]
How Many People Vote for Mickey Mouse for President Every Year? [Source: Amino Apps]


What if Mickey Mouse won the election? For starters, this possibility is wildly improbable. There is a nearly 0% chance of anyone other than the main two candidates ever receiving enough votes to actually win a presidential election, much less a fictional character. In fact, not only is it unlikely, but in many states, it’s actually against the law. In other words, votes cast for Mickey Mouse are not actually counted.

As the Texas Tribune puts it, “No matter what, each of those write-in votes was recorded as a vote for nobody.”

Ok, the next question, then, is the big one…

How many people vote for Mickey Mouse for President? In 2012, in Travis County, Texas, 11 voters put a write-in vote on their ballot for Mickey Mouse. That’s the only figure immediately available of Mickey Mouse voting numbers. As you might have guessed by now, the exact number nationally is not known because these votes are not counted in many areas.

Plus, write-in candidates cannot win elections in many counties.

This means nobody can ever know for sure how many votes that Mickey Mouse gets in any election year, even if we know in our hearts he’d be a wonderful American President.

Have a magical day!

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