Will Disneyland Ever Reopen?

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Disneyland has now been closed for what feels like an eternity. It is without a doubt the longest it has ever been closed in history. Fans, tourists, travelers, and annual pass holders alike want to know what’s going on, and, specifically, “Will Disneyland ever reopen?” I’ve addressed this question before here and here, but I’d like to take a look at it again and set minds and hearts at ease. Scroll down for the answer.

Will Disneyland Ever Reopen?

The Disneyland Resort and California Adventure theme parks in Anaheim have now been closed for over 200+ days.

On March 14, 2020, The Walt Disney Company announced that the parks would be closed “temporarily” in light of the global health crisis.

Well, here we are in the fall of 2020, and the parks are still closed.

Fans have been asking, “When will Disneyland reopen?” and “When will California Adventure reopen?” for some time now… Including me.

I want to know when Disneyland will be able to reopen so that we can all go enjoy the magic of Disney again.

We know we need it more than ever, so it makes sense to ask.

All that being said, the question has now taken a bit of a darker turn in recent days, given the stand-off between theme parks and the State of California. (Read the full story here.)

Now, people are beginning to ask a different question…

Will Disneyland ever reopen? The answer is a resounding YES. Disneyland Resort and California Adventure will reopen at some point in the future. Disney would never let it stay closed forever. While we may not know exactly when the reopening will be, there can be no doubt that Disneyland will definitely reopen again.

Will California Adventure ever reopen? Same answer! We know that it will reopen at some point in the future. We just don’t know exactly when quite yet. But we can expect Disney to let us know as soon as they have an answer!

Why Is Disneyland Still Closed?

For now, the issue remains the global health situation and Governor Gavin Newsom’s response to it.

Disney has been able to reopen parks all over the world, including right here in the United States:

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has reopened without a hitch.

Disney continues to point out the fact that there have been zero Covid outbreaks since they reopened Disney World, but Gov. Newsom and his administration feel it is necessary to keep theme parks closed.

Part of the reasoning is the numbers of new cases that are still happening in Orange County, which is where Disneyland is located in Southern California.

Despite all this, the question remains: Will Disneyland ever reopen? Again, the answer must be yes. Disney will not allow Disneyland to remain shuttered forever.

Keep in mind: We will eventually get a vaccine. This pandemic will eventually end. And when that happens, Disneyland will do its best to reopen as soon as possible.

That much we can know for certain.

Josh D’Amaro and his team are working constantly to get the theme parks here in California to reopening as soon as they can.

Thankfully, we do have the Downtown Disney District reopened, as well as Stage 17, and Buena Vista Street in California Adventure is reopening up, too.

My wife and I went to Downtown Disney recently, and it was magical. Just being close to the parks was a great experience, and we got some great shopping done as well!

Until then, we just have to hold out a little while longer. The magic of Disneyland and California Adventure is still there, alive and well, and we will be able to experience it again. Personally, I can’t freaking wait.

Have a magical day!

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