Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection on shopDisney (2021)

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Ohana means family! In 2020, Disney gave our families the gift of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection on shopDisney. This year, in 2021, we get a whole new world of fun with the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection coming to shop Disney all year long! Scroll down to see what it’s about and check back every month for new updates and new merch from the original Disney movie crasher himself.

[Updated January 2021]

Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection on ShopDisney
Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection on ShopDisney

What is the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection?

As you may know or remember, in 2020 the Shop Disney featured line was a brand new series called Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction.

With that series of merchandise, Disney themed the original Minnie Mouse herself with different rides and attractions from the Disney Parks around the world.

The theme park rides included such classics as Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others.

This year, they’re doing something similar…but different!

The Stitch Crashes Disney collection will replace the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collection for the shopDisney exclusive merchandise lineup this year in 2021.

In 2002, Stitch literally crashed a bunch of other Disney movies, and it was hilarious and wonderful. See all the Stitch Crashing Disney Movies trailers here:

When Does the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection Come Out?

According to the shopDisney website, we can expect the new lineup to drop on:

  • January 12, 2021 (1/12/2021)

Disney writes:

Guess Who’s Crashing Disney Classic Movies?
It’s Stitch, of course! And to commemorate the original launch of Lilo & Stitch, every month, beginning 1/12, a new pin, plush and MagicBand will be released featuring Stitch crashing an iconic Disney movie scene.


So, beginning on January 12th, 2021, you can head on over to Shop Disney and start to check out the newest lineup featuring none other than Stitch himself!

Stitch Crashes Disney Collection

January 2021 | Stitch Crashes Beauty and the Beast

As of right now, we have one featured item for sale on Shop Disney in the Stitch Crash Disney collection:

It’s the Stitch Crashes Disney Beauty and the Beast set!

[Source: ShopDisney]

It features Stitch clad in purple and roses, holding a rose in his mouth.

The collection includes three exclusive items:

  • Limited-edition pin of Stitch Crashing Disney
  • Themed Stitch Crashes Disney Plush Toy
  • Stitch Crash Disney MagicBand for Walt Disney World

Watch Stitch really crash Beauty and the Beast below!

Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection: Month by Month

  • January — Stitch Crashes Beauty and the Beast
  • February — TBA
  • March — TBA
  • April — TBA
  • May — TBA
  • June — TBA
  • July — TBA
  • August — TBA
  • September — TBA
  • October — TBA
  • November — TBA
  • December — TBA
Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection: Month by Month
Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection: Month by Month

How to Get Stitch Crashes Disney Collection Items: Step by Step

Just like many other new releases, in order to get the new Stitch collection…

You will need to use the shopDisney MerchPass feature.

Thankfully, I have a full step by step description of how to do that right here on D Is For Disney!

Just click right here on How to Use Disney MerchPass to see what you need to do.

Here’s a quick little mini-guide:

  1. Sign in to your Disney account on shopdisney.com
  2. Go to the Stitch Crashes Disney shopping page, or the ShopDisney homepage
  3. Click on the MerchPass option (usually says Enter Now)
  4. Select your items
  5. Check your email
  6. If you win the drawing, you get to order your items!

Stitch Crashes Disney Full Collection on shopDisney

Check out the new Stitch exclusive collection on Shop Disney today.

And make sure to bookmark this page on D Is For Disney…

So you don’t miss out on any of the new items coming out in the upcoming months!

Ohana! And have a magical day!

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