When Does Dinosaurs Come to Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer!

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If you grew up in a specific time, you may remember the live-action show from Jim Henson called Dinosaurs. It was a fun and lighthearted show about a modern family of…well…dinosaurs! The dad always wore red plaid shirts and the baby was always making a mess. Over time, it amassed somewhat of a cult following and fans from all over the world. Now, with Disney+ being the home of Disney’s streaming movies and TV shows, people are wondering, “When does Dinosaurs come to Disney Plus?” Well, we’ve got your answer! Find out below.

When Does Dinosaurs Come to Disney Plus? Here's the Answer!
When Does Dinosaurs Come to Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer!

What Is the Dinosaurs TV Show?

Dinosaurs TV Show Opening Logo [Source: Wikipedia]
Dinosaurs TV Show Opening Logo [Source: Wikipedia]

Dinosaurs was a fun show about dinosaurs in a sort of modern world. It first hit the TV airwaves on ABC way back in the spring of 1991.

As a concept, Dinosaurs was created by the legendary Jim Henson of Muppets fame. Sadly, Henson died shortly before the show actually had its world premiere.

According to Collider, Dinosaurs “was a revised version of a fantasy epic filled with dinosaurs that [Jim Henson] wanted to make in the vein of The Dark Crystal.”

Basically: You can sort of think of it like Roseanne, but with dinosaurs instead of people.

Honestly, this show kinda scared me a little as a kid. I was only about 4 or 5 years old when it came out, so I wasn’t quite at the right level to get it.

As an adult, though, I’m excited to go back and watch it with new eyes and experience it (again!) for the “first time”. 🙂

When Is Dinosaurs Coming to Disney Plus?

Dinosaurs TV Show Poster [Source: Disney / Jim Henson Productions]
Dinosaurs TV Show Poster [Source: Disney / Jim Henson Productions]

With all that in mind, we can now answer the most important question here.


When does Dinosaurs come on Disney Plus? January 29, 2021. In the United States only.

You will be able to watch (or re-watch!) all 65 of the original Dinosaurs episodes in their entirety beginning on January 29th of 2021.

Watch the original opening sequence for Dinosaurs below to get in the dino-spirit!

Have a magical day!

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