Is Croods 2 on Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer!

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With the success of the first Croods movie, the sequel, Croods: A New Age, is getting a lot of buzz and excitement about its release. But a lot of people are asking, “Is Croods 2 on Disney Plus?” Find out the Disney+ answer here, along with everything else you need to know to watch Croods 2 online and stream the newest film in the Croods universe!

Is 'Croods 2' on Disney Plus? Here's the Answer! [Source: Universal/DreamWorks]
Is Croods 2 on Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer! [Source: Universal/DreamWorks]

Is Croods 2 on Disney Plus?

People are absolutely going nuts over the new Croods 2 movie!

If you saw the first Croods (2013) film, then you know that it was a great animated movie, as well as a serious tear-jerker.

The cast includes the famous actor and star Nicolas Cage as the prehistoric father. Nic Cage is perhaps best known by younger fans for his roles in the National Treasure movies.

The movie also features the characters of Eep (played by Emma Stone), Guy (Ryan Reynolds), and Ugga (Catherine Keener).

With all this anticipation for the latest installment in the Croods movies, people are wondering where they can watch it, and if it will be online for streaming.

Here are the answers to all your Croods: A New Age questions:

When does Croods 2 come out? The movie release date for Croods: A New Age is November 25, 2020 for movie theaters around the US. With so many theaters still closed, this means only a small percentage of the population will actually be able to see it in movie theaters this holiday season.

Because of this, people also want to know…

Will Croods 2 be available for streaming online? We can very likely expect Croods: A New Age to become available to rent on PVOD (Paid Video on Demand) on Friday, December 12, 2020.

And now, the big question…

Is Croods 2 on Disney Plus? The Croods franchise is owned and created by DreamWorks. As of right now, there are no plans for Croods 2 to come to Disney Plus. The original Croods movie is currently on Netflix, as is the Dawn of the Croods TV series.

Croods: A New Age Wrap Up

I hope this helps to answer your questions about where to watch Croods 2.

In a lot of ways, the world is very different right now, and it can tricky to figure certain things out, especially when it comes to movie releases.

Movie release dates keep popping up and changing, and it’s hard to know which one is the right one!

Thankfully, I’ve got you covered here at D Is For Disney. Check back for more updates on upcoming releases from the The Walt Disney Company.

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