What Animal Is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Here’s the Answer!

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There are a lot of Disney trivia questions that people ask regularly, including this one: “What animal is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?” It’s a great question! And lucky for you…we have the answer for you right here. Find out what animal Pete is from Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse now.

Pete in "Get a Horse!" [Source: Disney]
Pete in “Get a Horse!” [Source: Disney]

What Animals Are These Disney Characters?

Have you ever been watching a Disney movie or TV show and wondered about the characters?

If you’re like me (and lots of others!), then you almost certainly have.

Some of the most common questions that come up from time to time have to do with the type of characters…

Specifically with what animal the characters are!

One example is, “What animal is Goofy?” Another way that comes up is, “Is Goofy a dog or a cow?”

These questions are actually a little tricky, and they have quite a long history of answers. The truth is that Goofy is a canine-inspired human creature, sort of half-and-half. Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy in most films these days, says:

“He is not a dog. Pluto is a dog, but Goofy seems to be in the canine family in the same way that a wolf is not a dog, but they also are in the canine family. I think Canis Goofus is the technical Latin term for what Goofy is. He’s just Goofy.”

Bill Farmer, Yahoo! News

What Animal Is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

OK, so we have taken a look at one hot topic in the Disney trivia world…

What Animal Is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? [Source: Disney]
What Animal Is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? [Source: Disney]

And now it’s time for the main, big question at hand:

What Animal Is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Pete is typically considered a cat. Even though he looks like a big round dog, the character of Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is officially a cat.

Pete the Cat [Source: Fandom]
Pete the Cat [Source: Fandom]

According to the Disney Fandom Wiki website:

Pete (commonly known as Peg-Leg Pete) is a villainous, anthropomorphic cat created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. He is the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse, normally characterized as a cigar-smoking thug with a ruthless and tyrannical personality.

Disney Fandom

Although he looks like a dog sometimes, or even a bear, another name for Pete is, in fact, Pete the Cat!

Pete the Cat’s First Appearance in Disney Movies & Shows

Check out what he looked like in his first appearance in a Disney short called Alice Solves the Puzzle:

Pete in Alice Solves the Puzzle [Source: Disney]
Pete in Alice Solves the Puzzle [Source: Disney]

And here’s Pete in his first Mickey Mouse show, in Steamboat Willie:

Pete in Steamboat Willie [Source: Disney]
Pete in Steamboat Willie [Source: Disney]

As you can see, Pete has taken many forms over the years, from bear-like to dog-like to cigar-smoking bully.

But his true form, underneath all that gruff and furry exterior is…

Pete the Cat.

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