Is Disney Channel Shutting Down? Here’s the Answer.

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There’s one thing we can be sure of when it comes to the Internet: rumors will always fly. And with a popular entertainment group like Disney, that’s especially true! The latest hot topic floating around the rumor mill has to do with the Disney Channel in the US. Specifically, fans are asking, “Is Disney Channel shutting down?” Or, another way to put it is this: “Is Disney Channel no longer available?” Also, we’ve seen the phrases “Disney Channel ending” and “Disney Channel still exist” a LOT recently. Thankfully, we have the answer for you right here on DIFD. Read on for the truth behind all the rumors!

Is Disney Channel Shutting Down? Here's the Answer. [Photo by Marques Kaspbrak]
Is Disney Channel Shutting Down? Here’s the Answer. [Photo by Marques Kaspbrak]

The Biggest Disney Rumor?

Before we dive in too deep…

It’s important to bring up one super important fact about Disney rumors and myths on the internet.

Basically, there are a TON of them and they pop up ALL the TIME.

Like this one:

Is Disney Coming to Texas? The Rumor and the Truth…

That’s been a huge topic as of late, and it’s no wonder why!

If Disneyland or Walt Disney World moved to Texas, it would be massive Mouse House news.

That particular question has been repeated constantly online.

AKA, it comes up all the time.

But the truth is that it came from a parody/spoof website called Uncle Walt’s, which posts fake Disney news for fun.

In other words, it’s important to know what the biggest rumors are and where they come from.

That way, we can understand what’s happening, and know with 100% certainty whether they’re true or false!

Is Disney Channel Closing?

OK, now that we have that important topic out of the way…

Let’s take a look at the thing people really want to know about right now: the Disney Channel, and whether it’s actually closing, around the world, and in the United States of America.

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In other words…

Is Disney Channel closing? No, the Disney Channel is NOT closing down in the US. Fans will continue to have the Disney Channel in the USA, as of late 2021.

That’s the good news!

But, a related question remains: where does this rumor come from…?

As it turns out, Disney news around the world can become popular in America too.

When that happens, people might think that what’s happening in other countries is also happening here in the USA.

For other countries, let’s look at what happened to the Disney Channel there as well.

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To put it another way: Was Disney Channel canceled in other countries outside the United States?


Does Disney Channel still exist in the UK? No, Disney Channel does NOT still exist in the United Kingdom (UK). Disney decided to focus on Disney+ instead in that region of the world, starting in October 2020.

And second…

Where Is Disney Channel no longer available? As of October 2021, the Disney Channel is no longer available in Southeast Asia. That includes places like Hong Kong, and it also means that Disney Junior is unavailable in Southeast Asia as well. Just like in the UK, The Walt Disney Company is choosing to put more content into Disney Plus, instead of the brand’s cable network channels.

So, there’s the facts!

Hope this helps you understand the latest rumors and news about the Disney Channel end in some places, and its continued success in others. If more updates come through, you know where to find them! 🙂

Have a magical day!

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