Here’s What Happened When Disney Springs Reopened This Week

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After a few months of closure, a little bit of Disney was brought to life again, and here’s what happened when Disney Springs reopened this week.

Masked guests meandered all over the area as they adjusted to an experience they never had before.

Here’s What Happened When Disney Springs Reopened Yesterday [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
Here’s What Happened When Disney Springs Reopened [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

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Here’s everything you need to know about the first day of Disney Springs reopening…

Disney Springs Reopening: A Whole New World

Just as Disneyland theme parks are slowly resuming their operations, Disney Springs decided it’s high time for them to reopen.

As soon as the gates opened yesterday, visitors with face coverings began to undergo temperature screenings. 

Guest at Disney Springs undergoing temperature screening [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
Guest at Disney Springs undergoing temperature screening [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Those who didn’t go beyond the recommended temperature, as mentioned in Disney Springs’ official policy, were allowed to enter.

Note: 100.4 F (or 38 C) is the limit for entry.

Cast members welcomed the visitors, and some visitors responded with a cheery, “Congratulations!”

A few announcements about the new guidelines were made before the guests were allowed to spread out.

In this case, the first hour was a quiet one.

Only the piped-in music of Disney Springs was heard by most guests.

The first guests were mostly window shoppers and live-streamers getting a chance to explore the area for the first time in many months.

For safety reasons, cleaning crew members frequently wiped down surfaces, from garbage cans to light posts. 

A restaurant crew sanitizing a table at Disney Springs [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
A restaurant crew sanitizing a table at Disney Springs [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

In addition to the changes, garbage can lids remained opened.

This was done so that the guests didn’t have to touch the metal to dispose of anything. 

Disney Springs Shopping and Dining Locations

Guests found minimal offerings compared to a usual visit, since numerous stores still remain closed.

See the full list of open restaurants and shops at Disney Springs.

As expected, many customers lined up for the walk-up Starbucks on the Marketplace side to get a taste of their special Welcome Back beverage.

Starbucks Coffee at Disney Springs [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
Starbucks Coffee at Disney Springs [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Thankfully, it seems most people followed the ground markings that promote physical distancing. 

Unfortunately, even though 44 shops reopened, they only account for a third of the regular offerings at Disney Springs.

Disney-owned establishments remained shuttered, including the Star Wars store, Galactic Outpost.

Favorite restaurants like Raglan Road and Morimoto Asia did not serve either.

Shoppers entered several shopping locations in small numbers. 

Several stores had a few lines waiting just outside their doors, strictly following the guidelines on physical distancing. 

Guests lining up at Disney Springs reopening day [Source: Orlando Sentinel]
Guests lining up at Disney Springs reopening day [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

As a matter of fact, some shops had doors designated for entrance only or exit only.

Stores have also presented their own health regulations to guests upon entrance.  

For safety purposes, most shops provided hand sanitizers at their doors, while others went beyond the Disney Springs’ suggestions.

For instance, Uniqlo offered mobile check-out and recommended the visitors to bag their own purchases as an extra safety and health precaution.

Check out the video below to get a visual picture of the reopening day at Disney Springs in May 2020.

Putting It Briefly

In short, Disney Springs reopened with new rituals but with a familiar magical experience.

The visitors appeared to be enjoying their day even though none of them had ever experienced anything like this at Disney Springs (or anywhere else!) before.

I wasn’t personally there, but the reopening definitely seemed like a solid balance of safety, health, and dining/entertainment.

Safety guidelines may change as more shops reopen in the next weeks, but I’m pretty convinced that visitors will be okay with any modification for everyone’s safety.

It’s safe to say that the guests were not the only ones who were happy about the reopening of Disney Springs.

The cast members and employees seemed to have their own magical moments too!

And this is the exact sort of magic everyone needs right now.

As any Disney fan knows, even a little bit of Disney can go a very long way…

Thank you, Disney Springs!

Don’t forget to bring along your official Disney face mask for the occasion!

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