Sid’s Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More

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In the first Toy Story, Sid’s toys caught our eye (and scared us!) because of their unconventional looks, but just like Buzz and Woody, they were toys with feelings too. This post is all about them and their story!

Sid's Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More
Sid’s Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More [Source: Disney]

We all know Sid from Disney and Pixar‘s Toy Story, as the vicious next-door neighbor of Andy who loves terrorizing toys. We all watched in horror as he experimented with every single toy he could find. And we sympathized with all the toys who lived in fear of him. 

Disney only gave us a few clips and glimpses of Toy Story Sid’s toys. This made me curious about the little critters that gave us a scare as kids.

What are the names of Sid’s toys in Toy Story? Are Sid’s toys alive? Can they talk like Buzz, Woody and other toys? What happened to Sid in the Toy Story universe?

Together let’s find the answers to all these great questions concerning Toy Story, Sid’s toys, and more.

If anything, people certainly have their thoughts about Sid’s Toys…

Who Is Sid in Toy Story?

Sid [Source: Disney/Pixar]

We meet Sid as a young boy in the first installment of the Toy Story franchise. In our first encounter with him, he starts out as a terrifying 11-year-old.

Sidney ‘Sid’ Philips lives next door to Andy at the beginning of the film. As we all know, Andy is the owner of our favorite toy duo – Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

It’s easy to spot Sid right away from the other characters because of his iconic black shirt with a skull print and his overall scary presence. He is also known for the metal braces he wears throughout the first movie. 

Sid has a sister named Hannah, whom he often bullies. He even takes some of her toys and experiments on them.

Because he enjoys disfiguring things, all of the toys are naturally pretty terrified of him. They are also scared of his equally harsh bull terrier, Scud, who chews on toys like the alien from Pizza Planet (aka, the LGM, or Little Green Men). Together, they make a destructive duo.

For the toys, the worst possible thing that could happen is to fall into Sid’s hands, and I completely agree. He didn’t even care whether the toys were his or someone else’s!

As kids rooting for our toy heroes, Sid was the movie’s ultimate villain.

Toy Story Sid's Toys, Buzz Lightyear, And Woody
Toy Story Sid’s Toys, Buzz Lightyear, And Woody[Source: Disney]

The Story Behind Toy Story, Sid’s Toys, and the Rest

Sid owns a lot of toys but they are not what we might consider “normal” toys. This is because of Sid’s habit of destroying his toys and making experiments from them. 

Sid builds his Mutant Toys by disassembling other toys, then combining their different parts together. Each of his toys are made up of different pieces taken from different toys.

As we see in the first Toy Story, Sid’s Toys live in his bedroom where they hide in the room’s darkest spots. They stay in the shadows, probably fearing Sid will torture or experiment on them even more if they are caught. 

At first, Buzz and Woody think that these toys are cannibals. The two later realize that they are wrong. Sid’s Mutant Toys just want to fix the other toys their owner has taken apart or tortured.

Though scary, his toys are not at all bad like him. As we see in Toy Story, Sid’s toys help out Woody in saving Buzz. Talk about teamwork!

Eventually, his toys find a way to finally make Sid realize how wrong his actions are. Together with Buzz and Woody, they finally manage to make Sid stop all his terrorizing and destruction of the toys.

How did they scare the bully? Watch the clip below to relive this great climactic scene.

Toy Story: Sid’s Toys, Names, and Meanings

Now that we have a refresher on what happened to Toy Story Sid’s toys, let’s meet the Mutant Toy friends one by one.


Mutant Toy Babyface [Source: Fandom]

Babyface might be the most recognizable out of all of Sid’s toys. People also call him Spider Baby or Babyhead.

He gets his name from his looks: a doll’s head with one eye missing and a body shaped like a spider. (Yeesh! It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it!)

We find out that Babyface’s head is actually taken from Hannah’s doll while his body is made out of an erector set.

Babyface leads all of Sid’s toys and also aids in fixing the toys that Sid destroys. He plays a big part in helping Woody and Buzz escape from Sid’s clutches. The baby doll toy knows how to communicate in Morse code.

Do you remember Babyface during the final confrontation scene? He frightens Sid by suddenly jumping on his head. At the end, we get to see Babyface rejoicing together with his Mutant Toy friends, and Woody and Buzz, when their plan becomes a success.

Get your own Babyface toy, plus Woody, Buzz, and RC the race car!


Mutant Toy Ducky [Source: Fandom]

Ducky is sort of PEZ dispenser looking, with a rubber duck head, and the torso of a baby doll. He is able to stand and hop around because his base is a sticky spring.

Being one of the few “luckier” toys, Ducky can verbally communicate, using duck noises.

With Babyface leading them, Ducky is also part of the team who goes to save Buzz. He creates a hole for him and his fellow toy Legs to go through and rings the doorbell.

This serves as a signal for Woody to release Frog, making Scud chase after him. Because of this, the toys are able to save Buzz.

Ducky was extremely instrumental in their plan to make sure two our favorite toys were able to escape destruction by Sid.

The Frog

The Frog
Mutant Toy The Frog [Source: Fandom]

Just like the name implies, The Frog is a wind-up tin frog, but he has missing limbs. Well, except for his left front leg. 

The Frog can move because of his hind legs that have been replaced with wheels that don’t match. They consider him as the fastest mutant toy, because of these wheels.

His speed comes in handy in the movie. They use Frog as bait in Buzz’s rescue mission.

At Woody’s orders of “Wind the Frog!”, the Frog moves after being wound up. Scud chases him outside of Sid’s room providing the perfect distraction for Buzz’s daring escape. 


Mutant Toy Hand-in-the-box [Source: Fandom]

Hand-in-the-Box is a scary-looking, yellow-green hand with an arm who is stuck inside a jack-in-the-box.

His spring is markedly similar to the spring body of one of Andy’s toys called Slinky. 

Naturally, Hand-in-the-Box is another important part of Woody’s plan to save Buzz.

He works in tandem with all of Sid’s toys in their rescue mission.

His main job was to open the door so that The Frog can go outside and be lifted to safety away from Sid’s dog, Scud.

Jingle Joe

Jingle Joe
Mutant Toy Jingle Joe [Source: Fandom]

Jingle Joe looks like a mismatched soldier with no legs.

He has an action figurine head called Combat Carl.

And he has a rectangular tube body based off of a Melody Push Chime.

I distinctly remember playing with a toy like this when my siblings and I were growing up! Only, it wasn’t quite as scary as Jingle Joe in Toy Story

It is fun to note that his right arm is a Mickey Mouse arm! Hidden Mickey’s are everywhere! 🙂


Mutant Toy Legs [Source: Fandom]

Legs is just like her name suggests: a pair of legs.

Simply put, she is composed of a female doll’s lower half, which is then connected to a plastic toy fishing rod.

Ducky partners with Legs in the plot to save Buzz, and also in the necessary part of scaring the crap out of Sid. She seems to often help by being a way for other toys to escape or travel around. 

Later she pulls Ducky and The Frog back to safety when they’re saving Buzz. Legs is also the one to lower Babyface on Sid’s head which ultimately scares him.

Pump Boy

 Pump Boy
Mutant Toy Pump Boy [Source: Fandom]

Pump Boy is the second fastest toy among Toy Story Sid’s toys right after The Frog.

He gets his speed because he’s a yellow 1954 convertible car. To me, he resembles the cars you ride in the Roger Rabbit attraction “Toon Spin” at Disneyland.

The catch is that Pump Boy doesn’t have wheels. Sid replaced those with the limbs of a baby doll, to the surprise of absolutely no one at this point!

People also refer to him as Walking Car or Mutant Car.


Mutant Toy Rockmobile [Source: Fandom]

Rockmobile is definitely one of the weirdest toys that you will ever encounter. He appears to be a complete mishmash of different things.

Mainly, though, Rockmobile is a combination of 3 distinct toys: an action figurine, a sumo-wrestling action figure, and – believe it or not – an insect toy. I definitely do not remember playing with any frightening insect heads with pincers growing up!

Anyway, Rockmobile has the head of an unnamed insect which looks like a housefly or a mantis or possibly some combination of both. 

It’s sort of hard to tell, but underneath his head is the torso of the action figurine called Combat Carl, which is holding a steering wheel.

Rockmobile uses this to control the direction he is going while he moves around Sid’s room and the backyard at Sid’s house.

Combat Carl’s torso is then connected to another torso. The last part belongs to the sumo-wrestling action figure of Rocky Gibraltar. Rocky’s arms serve as Rockmobile’s legs. 

What a confusing toy!

Roller Bob

Roller Bob
Mutant Toy Roller Bob [Source: Fandom]

Roller Bob has the upper half of a pilot action figure. His lower half, however, is connected straight into a skateboard, probably using screws.

Aside from Legs, Roller Bob is also one of the main toys that is able to transport his friends around the house, room, and yard.

Roller Bob brings Woody and his fellow toys into Sid’s yard, while they are planning to rescue Buzz.

5 Cool Facts About Toy Story / Sid’s Toys That You Should Know

Check out these cool facts about Toy Story, Sid’s toys, and more!

Cool Fact No. 1: There are more than nine “Sid’s Toys” in Toy Story.

Sid has more than the nine Mutant Toys mentioned above. However, Disney did not give them much exposure or screen time in the movie. 

We only see them in the background and during the final confrontation with Sid. At that point, they all come alive and help scare the vicious Sid. (Not to be confused with Sid Vicious, though I would guess there is at least some inspiration there…)

Some of these background toys include the following:

  • a burned doll called Charred Doll
  • a red-colored pickup truck
  • Squeeze Toy Alien known as a Little Green Man (LGM)
  • two deformed Combat Carls called Louis and KFC Owner
  • two headless dolls called Marie Antoinette and Little Sister. 
Toy Story Sid's Toys with Sid, Buzz Lightyear, and Sheriff Woody [Source: Disney]
Toy Story Sid’s Toys with Sid, Buzz, and Woody [Source: Disney]

Cool Fact No. 2: Sid’s Toys do not only appear in Toy Story 1! 

If you miss them, there are more shows, and even video games, where they are seen as characters. 

You can catch them in the short skits called Toy Story Treats where they make several cameos inside Andy’s room.

If you feel less like watching them and more like playing with them, don’t worry. They also appear in two videogames: Toy Story (the videogame) and Toy Story: Animated Storybook

Toy Story Video Game
Toy Story Video Game [Source: Disney]

Cool Fact No. 3: In Toy Story, Sid’s toys can’t speak. 

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not a single one of Sid’s toys can express themselves through recognizable spoken words. This is in direct contrast to the most of other toys who talk to each other.

Note: There are some exceptions in Andy’s room, like Etch-a-Sketch, but for the most part, they can all speak verbally to one another.

In fact, among Toy Story Sid’s toys, only Ducky is really able to make much noise at all. Ducky can make quacking noises, but he’s still unable to talk like the other toys.

There’s no clear reason for their inability to talk. That being said, Disney fans speculate that it has something to do with the way Sid tortured them and experimented with their toy parts.

Toy Story Sid's Toys [Source: Disney/Pixar]
Toy Story Sid’s Toys [Source: Disney/Pixar]

Cool Fact No. 4: We see Sid’s future in Toy Story 3.

Ever wondered what happened to Sid after the toys scared him? What did he grow up to be?

Sid grows up to become a garbageman. Thankfully, he appears to have stopped torturing toys. He probably learned his lesson after all his toys confronted him.

Fun fact: Sid is the only human character that any of the toys speak to in Toy Story. Specifically, Woody speaks to him in the backyard.

Sid appears in Toy Story 3 where he arrives at Andy’s house to pick up the trash. 

How do we know for sure that this is Sid? Well, for starters, he wears the same black shirt with a skull printed on it. P.S. Did you know that you can get your own?

This time, though, he wears a yellow vest since he is now a garbageman. He also sports a goatee.

Lastly, Sid also appears at the end of the film when the toys all escape from the incinerator. 

Sid in Toy Story 3
Sid in Toy Story 3 [Source: Disney]

Cool Fact No. 5: Sid also appears in another Disney fan favorite.

Did you know that Sid also appeared in the Monsters Inc. universe? How did Sid manage to arrive there? 

Well, in the Monsters Inc. comic book mini-series called the Laugh Factory, Sid plays a guest role.

During Episodes 3 and 4, Sid can be seen causing trouble in the Monsters’ world. Although his name is not mentioned in the comics, it’s clear that this is, in fact, the kid we know from Toy Story and Sid’s toys.

In the third episode, he uses the Monsters’ door-travelling technology to his advantage. He uses it to steal toys. One might guess he’s doing this so that he can torture them, too!

In the fourth episode, Sid aids two criminals, Randall and Henry J. Waternoose, escape from prison.

The group makes a deal with one another: they give him the door-traveling technology in exchange for his help in their revenge plan on Mike Wazowski and Sulley. 

Both of the times, the CDA or the Monsters Inc. Police catches Sid and returns him to his own world.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Factory
Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory [Source: Disney]

In Toy Story, Sid’s Toys Have Feelings, Too

Although they only played a major role in the first Toy Story, Sid’s Toys still captured our hearts.

As kids watching Toy Story, Sid’s toys creeped us out, in part because they looked very different from what we usually consider “normal” toys. However, we discovered that they are just misunderstood, and in fact, have good intentions and deep feelings just like all the other toys. 

They are also very lovable, too. We can’t help but feel sorry for them when we learn about how badly Sid has treated all of them.

Thankfully, they all make it out better in the end, as Woody and Buzz chase off after the moving truck.

To cap it all off, check out the Toy Story infographic below with some fun facts and stats about the Pixar movie that started them all!

Are you a huge Toy Story fan like me? Get all the movies in one set!

Don’t forget to check out this fun rundown on the great Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, or Toy Story That Time Forgot, and, of course, the final movie, Toy Story 4.

Sid's Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More Infographic
Sid’s Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More Infographic [Source: Costume SuperCreator]
Sid's Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More Pinterest Pin
Sid’s Toys from Toy Story: Names, Trivia, and More Pinterest Pin

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