Will Soul Be Free on Disney Plus? Release Date, Cost, and More!

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Have you heard the good news? The new Pixar movie Soul will be coming to the streaming platform Disney+! You might also wonder when it’s coming and, perhaps most importantly, “Will Soul be free on Disney Plus?” Well, I’ve got all these answers for you right here. Just scroll down for all your Disney+ Soul questions and answers.

Will Soul Be Free on Disney Plus? Release Date, Cost, and More! [Source: Disney/Pixar]
Will Soul Be Free on Disney Plus? Release Date, Cost, and More! [Source: Disney/Pixar]

Soul on Disney+ | Details, Release Date, Cost

Here are all the fun and exciting details for Soul

This is the latest, brand new Pixar movie, coming to Disney Plus later this year (2020).

Let’s get right to it:

When will Soul be on Disney Plus? Christmas Day, 2020. Disney announced that Soul be coming to Disney+ on December 25th.

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Will Soul be free on Disney Plus? Soul will be included with the regular Disney+ subscription price to watch on Disney Plus. You will not have to pay anything extra, like when Mulan was released on Disney+. If you have a Disney+ subscription, you will not need to pay any extra cost to watch Soul on the streaming platform other than your normal monthly price of $6.99.

How much will Soul cost on Disney Plus? Disney is not charging anything extra to watch Soul on Disney+. If you have an active subscription, then you’re all set! Nothing more is needed.

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Will Black Widow also be coming to Disney Plus? Right now, we only know that Pixar’s Soul will be streaming on Disney Plus as a Christmas Day streamer. Disney did announce that Black Widow would be moving to 2021, but that’s all we know right now.

Disney/Pixar Soul Trailer Videos

If you can’t wait to see some of Soul on Disney Plus, check out the videos Disney has released already, including the trailer:

Have a magical day!

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