Is Shrek on Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer!

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Disney+ offers a TON of great animated movies and TV shows. From the original Mickey Mouse short films in black and white, all the way up to today’s blockbuster hits like Onward. But there are also a lot of movies and shows that you might not be sure about. Like Shrek! So, you might be asking yourself, “Is Shrek on Disney Plus?” Read on right here for the answer!

Is Shrek on Disney Plus? Here's the Answer! [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]
Is Shrek on Disney Plus? Here’s the Answer! [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]

Is Shrek on Disney Plus?

One question that comes up A LOT online is about movies that Disney didn’t make, such as the Home Alone series, or the animated hit Croods.

Is Shrek on Disney Plus? [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]
Is Shrek on Disney Plus? [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]

For Home Alone, even though Disney didn’t make those movies, they did acquire them in their purchase of 21st Century Fox.

With the Croods franchise, Disney did not make it, and they have also not acquired it. That’s why those movies are not on Disney+.

But what about another beloved animated movie favorite…like Shrek and the Shrek sequels?

In other words…

“Is Shrek on Disney Plus?” No, Shrek is not on Disney Plus, because it is owned by NBCUniversal (who owns DreamWorks). There are currently no public plans for The Walt Disney Company to acquire Shrek or other Universal/Comcast © copyright properties. This means that Shrek will probably not be on the Disney+ streaming platform or any other Disney channel in the future.

The same is true for all the sequels of Shrek, including Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After.

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Shrek Is Not on Disney Plus

Because Shrek is owned by Universal, they have the rights to show that movie however they choose.

Shrek Is Not on Disney Plus [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]
Shrek Is Not on Disney Plus [Source: NBCUniversal/DreamWorks]

This works in the exact same way that Disney’s movies aren’t a part of the Universal Studios intellectual property.

Each and every studio has a ton of movies and shows and characters and worlds that are a part of their own creative universes.

If Disney were ever to acquire the Shrek universe (if you will), then obviously those movies would probably come onto the Disney Plus for streamers to watch whenever they want!

Sadly, that’s probably just not going to happen.

Universal and Warner Brothers and all the rest have a stake in their own IP. If they sell it off, then they can’t show it on their own platforms or make more movies, shows, merchandise, theme park rides, or anything else with those characters and worlds.

This is exactly the same reason that Disney will probably not be able to own movies like Harry Potter or any of the sequels, or The Minions, and many more.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, Disney Plus has a TON of great movies and shows.

As it turns out, however, Disney+ simply CANNOT show certain films and TV shows, due to the ownership and rights of those properties.

For Shrek fans, that means the answer to Is Shrek on Disney+? is unfortunately: No.

Who knows, though! Disney has bought lots of movies and shows in the past. So it could certainly happen!

For the time being, though, if you want to watch Shrek or the sequels, you’ll have to find them elsewhere. You can also watch ALL the Shrek trailers back to back at the bottom of this page!

To see where you can watch Shrek right now, check out the Just Watch website here: Where to Watch, Stream, or Buy Shrek Online Right Now.

Have a magical day!

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